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  1. Pellet ? running ledger particle baits ???
  2. for the weather spain any day but for the fishing probably france or some where in india fishing the river for fish ive neaver even heard of good experience XD
  3. i was once surface fishing for carp on an overcast day and nothing was coming up then a thunderstorm came over the fish went mental loads of them were coming up they just randomly came on the feed when the rain started gtting heavy :S
  4. oh rite shame it died realy just to think it could of got even bigger
  5. correee ! just imagine catchin that fish it makes my PB look tiny and my PB is 23lb was that one the world carp record ?
  6. just wanted to no your opions of the hardest fightin fish if theres any that i havant put down as a choice then write it as a reply
  7. carp but Tench are stunning fish and by far the best fighters
  8. id have to agree with 10-12 lb its not the fattest carp youd ever see cracking fish tho well done
  9. I am personly the same as you im not a fishermen with the best gera but mines the naverage sort. i use S.A.S camo line it has 4 different colour patterns on it and i use 12lb line dont have to buy just saying what i use for advice tight lines mike
  10. ah so just make sure there dry and then you dont need to freeze them ?????? but what stops them going mouldy ???
  11. Hello all i seem to be spending alot of money on baits and would like to make my own, i no how to do it but i dont like using frozen baits. does any one no how to make shelf life ones ?? thanks mike
  12. ragworm and all of those that dan has said below also try using a lures and rubbers baits in small channels IF you dont catch on your first time dont be dissapointed and keep trying just make sure your fishing the right spot tight lines mike
  13. Winter tutti fruity and summer the same as well as hailibut and spicy shrimp and prawn
  14. i dont see why peas wouldnt work give it a try experiment with them and see if they work ! tight line son the peas mike
  15. Carp tend not feed as much in the colder seasons so fish mor eor less the same but for longer and use less bait and when the weather starts to get hotter start feeding up properly again and depending on the lake your fishing depends on the bait you should use. if im fishing a small pond which is mainly a match fishing then i use my little rod and float bread/dog buiscuits where as if i was fishing a large lake for the day and the night id perhaps use boilies dipped in some glug hope this help tight lines
  16. hello there ! im thinking when the pike season comes that id like to dead bait for them ive never tryed this approach so i need to no how to do it properly.... -what bait -what rig -size of hook/line (lb) any help ? tight lines mike
  17. hi all im going to anglers pardise on the 17th of may and i would like to fish the tench lake and the koi carp lake any tips on baits and rigs is very helpful also id lake to fish the main lake for cat fish, capr and just about anything thats in there all rigs are appreiciated thank you mike
  18. hello all Ive never caught a mullet before as i prefer to catch bass off the shore but now id like to catch a mullet, but i haven't a clue on how to catch one what baits method etc. i also need a little help on where to find then and whats time of year. also is there a certain tide that will attract them for instance do they feed at high tide or low tide etc. all help is appreciated
  19. thanks den another question ?? is it better to fish during the day or at night for winter carp ? mike
  20. a few pictures form my first year carp fishing :D
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