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  1. Thank you Chesters. As you probably realize, this is all in anticipation of getting Vagabond down to the water......
  2. The new on-line .gov.uk web site is a big improvement on the Post Office system Just bought licences for three of the family including myself. Much more straightforward to use. Had prompt acknowledgements by email and text with licence numbers which as has been said here "Is all you need". No mention at all that plastic licences will arrive ......... Has anyone received their plastic licence yet?
  3. Sorry can't upload even a small photo. Just get an error message. You will have to imagine, a bearded gentleman, quietly fishing from a narrow boat in a Thames Lock on a warm sunny evening. No other people, no fish. All's peace and tranquillity..........
  4. This was a splendid exploration of an area new to me. It was a lot less busy on the river than I expected. I think this photo taken at this Thames weir pool sums it up!
  5. Thanks chaps for all your suggestions. In spite of Sony claiming that my particular camcorder is compatible with Windows 10, and me having Sony's latest software, there is no recognition via the USB cable. Number 1 grandson has now visited and agrees my diagnosis, but he did point out a provision under the camcorder to insert a memory card, which I hadn't seen. This facility has resolved the problem. The files have been dubbed onto the card from the cameras hard drive and then the card slotted into my pc for transfer. Seems a very clumsy fix, but it works!!
  6. Thanks Newt, Option 2 is possible as I do have my old pc with Windows XP languishing under the desk. Would just need to connect everything to it again. I do want to edit the video on my new pc, though, as it is much faster and has plenty capacity, so will wait for Option 3 which is a phone call this afternoon from a very technical grandson who assures me he will talk me through the issue.
  7. The Sony site gives a long list of Camcorders that are compatible with Windows 10. All defined by their model code number. The only similar code to mine has an extra E ie DCR-SR58E. Is this telling me that DC-SR58 is not compatible? I am using the latest version of Sony software which just keeps telling me to "connect a camera". I have tried the FAQs on the Sony site which suggests using a different USB port and connecting the camera before and after switching on both the pc and the camera. My pc knows that a camera has been attached because my security software asks if I want to Scan it.
  8. Hi I have been baffled for weeks by the inability of my recently installed Windows 10 to "see" the Sony Camcorder (DCR-SR58) that is connected to my PC. This wasn't a problem with Windows XP. The Camcorder was one of the Devices listed when I wanted to Import files to my PC. My husband, Vagabond, suggested that there would be technical expertise on Anglers net that would tell me what I need to do to put this right. I would be really grateful for some direction! Thanks
  9. Thanks chaps. I know I sit at the feet of the Master
  10. Hi chaps Looking forward to fishing with you on Wednesday. I thought that I had better post so that I make my claim as a contender for the trophy. Dave (Vagabond) is busy with preparing the tackle. My role is just food, transport, campsite, boatman........ We will be travelling up to Rutland on Tuesday so will check Tuesday morning that we are not cancelled at that point. If we can't get out on Wednesday we can always go birding! Norma
  11. Pleased that you liked the barbel, but it was me that risked life and limb descending with the help of a rope down a 12 ft bank to net the barbel and then release it. Vagabond just watched and gave advice - he believes wives should catch and land their own fish.
  12. Ooooo, Having read up on that one, I won't grumble about the cost and inconvenience of using bottled water, ever again.
  13. .....collecting species of tropical parasite........ Well, Dermatobia hominis is a new species for the family list... but its quite a long list already: Leeches from Australia, Malaysia, Madagascar and Assam Ticks from Ireland, Australia and Colorado Sand flies from Australia Chiggers from Venezuela, Belize, Costa Rica Blood sucking mosquitos almost everywhere south of Dover and of course, midges anywhere to the north I often feel that we must be received by the wildlife in foreign parts like an exotic take-away being delivered to your swim at Wingham.
  14. Perhaps he won't, but his gran has....
  15. Super. well done. and well done to Tigger for getting you there.
  16. Thats a smart chub. Well done
  17. Got the malt out, drunk to Norrie's skate, Jabee's shanny, Davy's skill, today's crayfish, a golden orfe and a three pound perch caught by Dave this morning. Gosh the bottles going down.
  18. Blinking heck, Norrie. Thats some fish! Its seriously off the top of the chart we use. Well done, that man.
  19. Hi Brilliant Elton, herbs are a great way to add interest and variety to quite simple cooking. You want to aim to have a healthy supply at most times of the year but its not easy to keep them all going all year. Oegano, Sage, Mint and Rosemary can be established outdoors in a border or in pots of John Innes no. 3 or any good compost sold for patio pots. Thyme needs a more limey soil so add some garden lime or crushed chalk or crushed shells to the soil or compost. Parsley goes to seed in its second summer, so you need to resow or buy new plants each year. If you give the s
  20. Great, thanks for that info. I have just ordered it. I will give both the Avon product and the Neem oil a good trial in Scotland next month.
  21. This has been a useful read. Only the "Heavy duty" Jungle formula contains DEET. The standard formula is DEET free. Certainly in mosquito country we find we need DEET. However DEET has a couple of side effects I can do without. It can irritate skin and also dissolve plastic. I agree about covering up as much as possible. Thanks for the info about the Avon Spray and Neem. I will give anything a go. We are planning a trip to the West Coast of Scotland next month so need to have a good stock of repellents for those hungry midges.
  22. After the excitement of mahseer fishing on the Cauvery, we left Bangalore and travelled via Delhi to join with a small group of other birders for a couple of weeks exploring parts of the far north east of India : mainly in National Parks in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam (where the tea comes from) and Meghalaya. If you want to find them on a map they are tucked away in that part of India, east of Bangladesh and close to the borders with Bhutan, China and Burma. Our party comprised: a Canadian, a Belgian, two French and ourselves led by Craig Robson, a finder of birds par excellence who
  23. Hi chevin Its dorado you should try if you get chance to fish in the tropics again. You might know it as mahi mahi. It must be available in Perth even if its not "fresh in today". Its just as good as the Dhu fish we shared last time we were with you. Happy New Year to yourself and your good lady.
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