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    Building my own desktop PCs, Amateur Photography (nothing smutty (unless she's gorgeous)), watercolour painting, some 1/35 scale modelling, winding people up on forums. Oh and, for my sins, I'm a bona fide researcher of the paranormal.

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  1. Tigger - Sorry to disappoint you, but I've caught more fish both in freshwater and seawater than you've ever eaten. If you've been 'keeping up' (which, at your age, must be a struggle), then you'll know I appear on both fishing and non-fishing threads, and nobody has 'chewed me up' as you so politely put it. I think it would be better for you to vanish as it would signal the 'all clear' for the ex-AN contributors to return from the 'Maggotdrowners' website once they have seen that we have rid ourselves of people that have nothing to say on here.
  2. To all. I know I'm in the middle of cooking my dinner (haddock & chips & baked beans) but I could not resist interjecting here with a comment which is: Where is all this heading? I, for one, will always support our fishing industry by eating their catches, but I cannot see how the actions and protests of the proletariat in the UK is going to change the situation regarding our fishing rights. It doesn't matter what government is in office, as whoever it is will ALWAYS cowtow to the requests of the EU in the supposed interests of the UK. If anyone out there knows how to change their
  3. Anyway, I'm going to cook my dinner now so I'II either catch you later or tomorrow. Incidentally, I meant Dale used to run the chip shop, not the campsite.
  4. No no, not Sennen Cove. I'm talking about the Tudor Chippy in Marazion where I used to stay on a campsite. It was owned (and maybe still is) by Clive & Margaret Thompson, and their son Dale used to run it in the Summer season.
  5. Chesters1 - Okey dokey, not to worry. It probably wouldn't fit my Daiwa 120m anyway. Regarding the maid, it doesn't matter if she's plain. You don't look at the mantelpiece when you're stoking the fire!
  6. big_cod - Not sure why you posted that on here in between my exchanges with Chesters1. However, I have followed your links on other threads as I have an empathy with your profession. I used to holiday in Cornwall every year before my other half passed away (in Marazion), and Newlyn and Penzance were my favourite haunts. The campsite owners (at the time) owned and ran the fish & chip shop so I got plenty of feedback from them regarding your industry in that area. I'm 100% behind you and your colleagues fight against this damn right wing government.
  7. My my, what an unusual situation you live in. No need to ask the maid. Tell me, is she up for some porn shots? As for that red spool, do post a piccie as I'm intrigued. So you're into touch fishing. Must say I've not tried it myself, but I did have a magnet fishing game when I was a kid.
  8. I take it that it's your 'trouble & strife' who is your chauffeur. My other half was also my chauffeur 'til she passed away, so I use my glasses now when in my car (and when I'm fishing). Tell me Chesters1, regarding that piccie you posted, did you find out what reel that blue spool belongs to? I'm willing to bet it belongs to a closed face Daiwa.
  9. So you have visited Specsavers. Well done; very wise.
  10. Chesters1 - A word of advice: You need to visit Specsavers and get your eyesight checked out, especially at your age, as that fog could turn out to be cataracts.
  11. Tigger - I see you're getting very curmudgeonly in your extremely old age. And you must be fit if you can find the strength to press those oh so heavy keys on your keyboard. The reason it's quieter on here is because all you numpties have driven all the decent folk on to the 'Maggotdrowners' website! And it's a 'prick' like me, as you so politely put it, that makes old farts like you put your Zimmer frame down and crawl on to your keyboard. Boldbare - My my, how complimentary you are towards someone you've never communicated with before. Your parents must be very proud
  12. Phone - Nice picture that. I can see you've learnt how to use Photoshop to good effect. Corydoras - You need to explain to Phone that ghosts don't exist in your tiny little world, so that probably explains why you're never likely to catch one.
  13. I wonder how many non-believers on AN fish for Ghost Carp. I suppose that makes them hypocrites.
  14. Tigger - I'd like to take your comment seriously but according to your details, you'll be 107 this month so, I'II just assume you are only on here to provoke users.
  15. The problem with people who don't agree is that it's easier to say it's nonsense than it is to go out in the field and research it. Those are the kind of people that don't understand the world of quantum physics because their level of intelligence doesn't allow them to, therefore, they resort to the state of ignorance. Personally, I don't suffer fools gladly and treat them accordingly.
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