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    pike barbel chub and more pike. music,and photography
  1. It will make do difference at all. I must concure with MR Burgess, MR Carrragher, And MR Coppola.
  2. Well done on the fish. But the new decade doesnt start until 2011 if im not mistaken,
  3. What river is this on, Do you know?
  4. Strange topic. Its one of those things That happens, Always have, And always will. What ever super dooper line you use. Or what ever rod you got. Its part of casting drill isnt it?
  5. After spending the last three nights at work outside on a fork truck. The thought of getting wet again hasn't really fazed me About having a little mooch along the stour this afternoon. As i type we have just had a freak electric storm with hail stones the size if marrowfat peas Here in north Essex. Probably drop the water temperature again but never mind.
  6. Good to hear you had a good day. Theres a lot more to fishing than just carping. Sitting behind a battery of rods waiting for something to happen. On the river its down to you and you can make things happen. The true essence of fishing i belive comes from knowledge and water craft and i think theres no beter place to hone them than on the river. Aspects that you learn all go towards improving you chances where ever you fish. Even when carping. One more of us one less of them lol
  7. I would tend to agree with Richard, Worms would be a good choice of bait if the rivers high and coloured. They are one of those natural things that get washed into the river during floods. And the fish do tend to get on them. Though you may find the fishing quite hard if you don't know the stretch. Look for the slacker parts on the bends etc, This is where most of the fish will tend to be. Out of the main flow. and it will be easier to present your bait.. Perseverance is the hardest thing in flood conditions. It can be very frustrating with all the false bites from debris coming down the fl
  8. Never caught a perch on spicey meat, In fact i cant ever recall getting any on meat full stop. However i have had a couple of decent ones one trout pellets when carping. Though it was from a heavily fished lake.
  9. I am quite set in my ways. Though i do take the odd diversion now and then. Most of the summer i spend barbel fishing, And a bit of tenching. Come October my thoughts start turning towards pike, And the barbel get substituted for chub perch and roach on my local river when i feel the conditions are right. Saying that i havent got much piking in this winter yet. Still waiting for a few frosts. And my local river is still looking far from desirable at the moment. I have managed a few chub at dusk and a few perch so far from the river. Once we get to the end of this month i will start my pikin
  10. Its a strange thing and i have noticed it to. I wonder if it is to do with that when you use whole worms they are alive and tend to wriggle for a while and the fish especially perch being quite aggressive tend to take them more because they see them rather than smell them. And when we use chopped worms they are taken more because the fish are in a feeding mood and smell them more. This could account for those odd days when you catch small perch on large worms,And other days small and chopped ones do the business. Just a thought.
  11. Welcome. Cant help you out on north of the wall. Im just a southern softie, lol. But im sure Mr Mac Farlane will see your post and give you some pointers. Tight lines.
  12. Hi Budgie. I has a set of reubens but they are the 60ib version. They go round twice,first revolution takes you to thirty pounds the second marked on the inside go to 60ib Mine are marked in ounces divisions. Not sure about the 44IB model i would imagine they are very similar. Probably a lot easier to read These are the only ones i could find. Very similar to the old waymasters http://www.poingdestres.co.uk/1187/Reuben-...ial-Scales.html
  13. Yes i would say he has made an error as well. Its a nice fish though. I would put it around mid double.
  14. My dad fought in the Korean war. I can still remember his stories. He spent most of his time getting shelled by the Yanks
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