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  1. Lovely, brings back memories of fishing with my Dad and similar tackle, Clayton swing tips, Intrepid reels and aluminium maggot tins.
  2. I see it more for a 'Black Widow' and marbles, more stealthy!
  3. They don't turn to casters very easily............. Always found reds to freeze and thaw out more naturally than whites (which look most unappetising). I wonder why, maybe something in the red feed?
  4. This site may be off interest if looking for ideas.. http://www.defiantmps.com/indicators.htm
  5. robd

    Flow speed

    You’re right, but I did say simplistically. The restrictions are similar, bath = floodplain, outlet =river channel, head pressure = depth above or below normal river level. Increase in pressure = increase in flow.
  6. robd

    Flow speed

    Simplistically, is it not like an emptying bath tub where by the restriction of the outlet pipe (in a river the outlet through weir/ gates etc) controls the flow? There would be an increase of flow on a ‘rising’ level (leave the taps running !) due to an increase in head pressure.
  7. robd


    Interesting comments and views from some experts, echoing what seems a commonsense opinion. http://www.sciencemediacentre.org/?p=22582&upm_export=print
  8. robd


    It’s got to be a step in the right direction. Any doubts about premature deterioration would be no greater than nicks or abrasions guiding us to change lines annually. Maybe in years to come line will be good for say two years, then start changing colour as it quickly breaks down within months.
  9. Wild looking place. Don’t suppose the world will end over one fish. I feed maggots to robins….
  10. I don’t see anyone playing a real role in protecting the coarse fish here. Game, now that’s totally different. A Judge who is a Salmon fisher make an amazing deterrent…
  11. Sound advice with the rubber band but for the an oldie with cold numb fingers I find it easier to us a wide red rubber band, cut the band to make one longer length, after impaling the worm pass the hook through one end of the band and cut the band off at required length. Mine end up around 4mm square, I can’t cope with fiddly bits all ready pre cut.
  12. Go to your local tackle shop, try and pick a quiet time and they should talk for ever !! Tell them you’re not buying today but want advice as to what to buy in the near future. Get the info and if unsure check back here.
  13. Same as you Dale, can’t see any reason why fish would be attracted to the commotion of repeatedly throwing a rake in. Yet I keep on reading of raking attracting Tench and catching as soon as a bait goes in. Never been brave enough to try though, only raked as a means to clear weed away then fished some time later (days). Also amazes me that ‘matchmen’ make so much noise with dumping gear down, setting up, shouting to each other and runners between pegs, yet still manage good catches….
  14. Ahh never, It just hasn't worked for me though, maybe I need to grow a beard.
  15. I guess, don't knock it till you try it !!
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