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  1. M.K


    UUUGH! looks like my mum
  2. Footballs a womenz sport. Poor cap keen, duz a good hard takle and hurts sum1, and now hez out Dont c it happening in rugby, or even better ice hoky.
  3. M.K

    River levels

    Hi all, When is a river in best form regarding levels :confused: Is it fine to fish a river until the water floods the edge of the bak or should you stop fishing earlier :confused: M K
  4. M.K

    Gravel Pits

    Hello all, I would like to fish a gravel pit but cant seem to find one.Any one have any suggestion? Anywhere withn 20 miles of oxford would be fine. Cheers Martin
  5. Football's a womens sport!
  6. Yeah, u should really clear us up on that one as u loo like ur a little kid
  7. M.K

    Under 15

    Nathan man, Unless u posted that avata :confused: r get ur bloody hand off it! :mad: Or i will get p*$$eD off :mad:
  8. M.K


    Was that a joke? It wa dead scary AND ME! being 14 am a yout AND I FOR ONE DONT SPEAK QUIET! You are GENRELISING (i think) Only little girls mumble now`days Might be ur hearing
  9. Had a bloody big rainfall 2 nights ago in Oxford. At least therivers are on topo form now.
  10. M.K


    Put a bit of staraw on a little heap of earth and now it the house have a bucket in wich to put fruit peel , ols veg&fruit ect and just throw that on and mix it once i a while. Also water it frequently.Great for dreadnobenas and redz.
  11. Oxford, mainly lure, but i also do some mixed coarse.
  12. M.K

    Under 15

    Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Im 14
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