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  1. Apache


    Awaarr, brilliant mate. I agree wholeheartedly with the last one. God they look stupid.
  2. Main bar shuts at 0100, the beach bar (where most of the kids/Indies are from about 2030) shuts at 2300, and the Pool and Tennis Bars shut at about 1800 ish. Forgot to mention, there is tennis and football coaching, and things like adult volleyball, football and waterpolo organised.
  3. It was 2 Euros and 70 cents for 20 in greece, and about 50 euros for a packet of 400.
  4. Someone just wanetd to know what so of people it catered for, and what you could do there and if it was a good place to take kids. You can windsurf, waterski, sail, snorkel, and SCUBA dive. (All included except waterskiing). It is a brilliant place for kids of all ages, as they run clubs for kids from about 4 up to the age of 17. Each club is split into a group, (roughly by age) and each group has a leader. Activities are organised for each group, and its very relaxed and informal, so if you don't want to do an activity you don't have to, and you can just watch or go off and do your ow
  5. Shortly before I went to Lakitira in Kos for two weeks, someone (I think it was on here) was thinking of going there and I offered to tell them what it was like. I can't remember if it was someone on here, and if it was, who it was, but if they would like to let me know and I will tell them what I thought of it. Apologies if it is the wrong forums guys. Cheers. [ 16. August 2004, 05:30 PM: Message edited by: Apache ]
  6. Apache

    A Hand

    LOL. They are pretty cool actually. Nice one Newt.
  7. Araldite then, that is flexible.
  8. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Nice one.
  9. Last time I was in town I was pleased to see a group of lads fishing the Thames, and even more pleased to see they were catching. That is until they hooked a 2lb perch and had no landing net and there is a 3 foot drop to the river from the path. COmplete stupidity, and I went over and told them, and also asked to see their licences. The reply was unprintable, but went along the lines of: "Get the hell out of here before we knock your block off." Extremely annoyed and micked off by their stupid behaviour and recklessness. The expressions of passer's by was less than approving.
  10. Super Epoxy wil do it Chesters, all good DIY stores sell it. [ 26. July 2004, 08:17 PM: Message edited by: Apache ]
  11. hey, how did you get hold of pictures of my three cats?
  12. Am I missing something here? Toma, what is going on?
  13. LMAO. Now that reminds me of my bedroom, bits of paper everywhere.
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