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  1. hello gray, Hello Del, hello to eveyone else, long time no see.
  2. I think they look great, and Would give them a go without hesitation, I love Dual arm buzzbaits, why not spinnerbaits too.
  3. Interesting post T.B On a lighter note I wish the C.A would take down their ### signs, everytime I leave my town for a bit of sightseeing, the country is spoilt by all those signs stuck to trees, ### Litter bugs!!! They've turned the ###Country into the Cromwell road Hurrumph, Hurrumph. Grumble over, back on topic at the double , attention!! [ 22. February 2003, 11:10 PM: Message edited by: Danny H ]
  4. Quest, I only ever tried to fish Willow twice, in the close season ( which is South lake only). I found it a daunting place, the locals told me the prey fish were all gone ( don't they always). I was lure fishing, and I still never felt I had found the spot I wanted. Now we are in the season, the North lake can also be fished, this lake has more "Features" But I think you'll find they are mostly in the "out of bounds" sections. The place you are allowed to fish ( by the river) has pike anglers there from 12 midnight 15/6, so I guess it is worth it for those in the know. Mysel
  5. MDHOME. If you are really serious about taking up pike fishing, and have a car I can put you on to an a1 venue ( I have just moved from that way and don't mind spilling a couple of beans- but not to many as to upset anyone). The venue in question has a good bunch of dedicated Pikers , very helpful, so there should always be somebody there to help at weekends, but in the week you have the place to yourself- I miss it already. Mind you this venue only has fishing ( any fishing ) 4 months of the year, and it has closed for this year so patience is needed. For cheaper fishing the plac
  6. I am not commenting on the rights or wrongs of this case- but this was funny!
  7. Popular thinking has it that the river is best when Finning down after a flood. From my years of only lure fishing I would agree with this. For bait fishing I have no idea. All the best Dan. P.s I don't know how old you are, but I should state the obvious here. A COLD FLOODED WINTER RIVER IS BL##DY DANGEROUS- BE CAREFUL- Espec' if it is over the banks
  8. Gold Williams warbler spoon big size. Failing that spinnerbait.
  9. Just read this thread. what is it with all the anti London Rhetoric, It is just probable that this Wo(man) is using a W.1 address so that ( in their mind) they'll be taken more seriously.- And isn't this thread proof? Maybe if they had used J. Bloggins, north street, small villageville, u.k .- it wouldn't have had the same impact. THIS IS NOT A CITY VERSUS COUNTRY WAR- whatever others might try to make out it is. If it were How come when I fished in Shrops last week, the place was full of Birmingham anglers. Who are the guys who fish the River lea week in/ week out.
  10. Was it 18 months? I remember we phoned some people at a hotel, read up about it, emailed a few times, but we thought there was no use applying as I couldn't for the life of me come up with a reliable way to make any money. Not sure we would have survived, you and your family have my admiration. It must be great to be able to trust all your neighbours etc. Hope it all pans out. Know what you mean about Surrey, but for the last 6.5 years been living with kids in Luton, total dump, got to be better than this. [ 22. August 2002, 01:50 AM: Message edited by: Danny H ]
  11. Point taken Dave, and well made. You are right.
  12. Nick, didn't see the Prog, but I'm guessing that you and your family went to Muck, ( I know they were looking for families to come and live there). As I remember it there was only a few kids on the Island, and when they get to 12 or so they have to live on mainland in order to go to school. Did you see the Times advert a few years ago? My family and I got as far as emailing and getting the forms, and then I bottled it, off too surrey now instead- Wimp!! Hope all is well there, what course fishing is there? all the best Danny
  13. Anybody want to learn something on big lures, here is your chance. Come and ask about them, rather than listen to hearsay ( Not the awful band) Dave Lumb via his book " Pike fishing with lures" probably did more for big lure fishing than any other in the U.K.
  14. When I first joined this site, I started off with a tirade against 4 rod Carp anglers. I was advised to do a search of this site as the topic had been discussed over and over. I suggest that is the advice I'll give here. We have debated this time and again, Dave do a search on the site Using " Big lures" or Jerkbaits. If it is still your opinion after reading that lot I suggest you don't use big lures - problem solved. I will just say that most people who invest heavily in the tackle to be able to use big lures, fish responsibly. I too have found countless snap tackle in
  15. DaRoachster /Richard , I have two set-ups of banjo minnow, have caught on the larger size, but haven't used them much, maybe I should in clear water, as they do look good in action. Don't forget you can use the hooks and corkscrew things with any plastic of your choice. The Flying lure hasn't caught me anything yet, but is good for casting across canal so that the thing swims under the parked boats or jetties or whatever. Just a case of waiting for the right spot I s'pose Could be good jigging around tree in water set-up
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