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  1. Youtube is a beautiful place. Should be more than one or two that are similiar. I just searched youtube for flyfishing + casting. Loads of information out there. Youtube Video ->
  2. What exactly is this going to accomplish in the long run? Point out that she is wrong and attract attention to [email protected] and other organizations? Education is how it should be handled not screaming for a ban.
  3. It seems strange to assume that the lead can only be picked up locally in migratory species.. Not to be contrary Leon as I don't know if the swans in question are migratory. Even so, finger pointing is always the best practise.
  4. http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/Wheel-b...tml&hl=lead So no angler uses lead? You can argue for the size of the feeder and the lead not being absorbed, but it still introduces lead into the environment.
  5. You've got a PM. Also forgot to add if you do end up out at the sites I mentioned, make sure you DON"T park inside the gated areas without a key!
  6. Non-commercial hmm... There's a nice head of tench in Ure Bank Pond near Sharow in Ripon. Carp, perch, and pike in the racecourse lake never heard of any tench though. You can also fish R. Ure I think with worm BUT you'll have to check the bylaws. I don't fish with worm outside of the coarse season so can't really comment. You can get day tickets from the Bondgate post office. Sadly Ripon Angling shop has closed. Not sure if it is being sold or if they are rebuilding. The reservoirs north of Harrogate- Swinsty, Thrusscross and Fewston opened this past weekend but are for fly fi
  7. Was great for me this morning...... Walked into Mass directly for Communion and exactly one hour late!!!
  8. Mine comes down to the local level where you can fish the river for trout (with the proper license for sea trout) with fly only during the close season. Have heard rumors about fishing with worm but then you have to prove you were only targeting non coarse species.
  9. If you aren't using the wireless (access point) there should be an option to turn it off. That should stop it from advertising its SSID (name).
  10. BT home hub is in fact a router. I assume this is what you are talking about Dave.. If you bought it second hand whoever had it before changed the default settings. Once you return it to factory you should be able to use the admin and serial number to login. The default address for the router will be all you have to do is web browse to it. You probably already know this though. http://www.frequencycast.co.uk/homehubfaq.html Found this here that says: When the Home Hub software update has completed and the on-screen message states that it was successful, press a
  11. I suppose I use my favorite rod a bit too much. It is a 2/3 wt 7.5 foot five piece with double taper line and a 9 foot tapered leader with another three feet or so of a light tippet. The river I fish is fairly shallow and clear enough to see fish moving about and nearly impossible to approach them without being seen. I have caught chub up to 3 lbs on this rod and even bigger trout. I would think going light is the way to go especially if you aren't using flies that attract pike. My favorite fly is a klinkhammer in any color you can get your hands on. The chub I have caught with it d
  12. and to spend thousands of pounds/dollars to research something that every owner of a fish tank could already say.. What happens when YOU bang on the side of your fish tank? All in good fun! It seems like a reasonable idea.
  13. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080326/ap_on_sc/pavlov_s_fish
  14. Bump! You won't.. I finished it last night. Highly recommended.
  15. I know what you mean Chesters. I try to do most of my own work as well. Somthings are better left to those with the right 'tools'. Even though I used to work on cars I still have the odd bubble on the brain. My last MOT left me very pstt off! I found that my bright beams wouldn't stay on. I could have screamed. In fact I think I did.. Only to find out right before my retest that the [email protected]@dy switch was turned off! Anyone owning a volvo would know (you'd think!) that the brights don't work without the running lights on.. Had a great chuckle On a lighter note, I've just received An
  16. Came home to a nice surprise stuck in the door! I've already started reading it. Looks like I have to put all my other books on hold as this one has me rivetted from the first page. I've found myself already looking at it when I should be doing something else!! And I really like the illustrations... Excellent
  17. Yep Melinda.. Excellent voice.
  18. John S- Teeth of the Tiger features Jack Ryans son. I thought it was good but I'm not a great critic just look at the list I am reading I have read all but Clancys' SSN: Submarine warfare somethingorother... and his Op center/Net Force affiliation. I have always found his Jack Ryan and John Clarke books very absorbing. Others not so much. I still read them occasionally. IMO- Red October was the best.
  19. I didn't expect any less than a diverse selection and equally as many replies. Clifftop, You reminded me that I forgot to mention I have this on the back burner- bought it spur of the moment as I was buying paracord for rigging my kayak. It was one of those 'what other people bought' with paracord... Now if I can just get past some of the things Bear Grils eats :yuck: Kleinboet, I have a few of audio books from Itunes. Cheap and you don' t require an Ipod to listen to them. Itunes is a free download and free podcasts too I think. Ken, Can't believe you made it all the way thr
  20. Woke up to this... Happy Easter Everyone
  21. It just struck me as I'm waiting for Vagabonds new release that I have 4 or more separate books that I am 'in the middle of'. I am aspiring to read them all it's just that I always see another that I would like to read (see Vagabonds thread ). So far these are the books that continue to hold my attention: The Bourne Betrayal (Robert Ludlum) Apt Pupil (Stephen King) Wanted to read Shawshank Redemption.. starting The Body Spiderwick Chronicles Book 2 Dragonfly in Amber (Diana Gabaldon) Number 3 of 6? Don't ask... Darkest Evening of the Year (Dean Koontz) and now I'm eyeing Hans
  22. Jeff S

    Angling ?

    Nice and interesting read. Thanks Chris
  23. Hmm.. Three weeks late in answering this. Priorities you know I did indeed get a confirmation from Trafford and look forward to its arrival. Rob J- I've seen various posts about Mr. Crabtree, not sure where you can find it but a quick search of the archives should turn up something. As popular as this Mr. Crabtree seems to be I would be surprised if anyone would want to give up their copy. If you do find it can you let us know where you do?
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    Video Test

    Very crisp and clear video Den. Nice!
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