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  1. So then you have to weigh the amount in savings from abroad/shipping/exchange rate vs. what customs is going to charge and whether or not they decide to. No wonder my landlord wants to stay in the US another year.
  2. I hope he caught something before the police wasted their time...
  3. Best if read in an Australian accent... I know that the Australian view is also the same held in a few conservative circles in the US.
  4. Sorry not familiar with customs / duty even though I live here. If someone from the US were to tick the box on the US customs form for it being a gift..... Does that make it exempt from customs and paying the duty?
  5. Careful Peter you could be accused of disdain for carp angling! All in good fun! Not throwing of coarse.. It is interesting to note the reason for calling it so.
  6. Disdain?? You should read some of the comments between us and the Brits on youtube! Just search carp throwing. Disgusting to do to any creature but certainly not uncommon (apparently) for carp.
  7. Had something similiar and called into their tech support (British by the way). All of my channels on the sky + were no signal. The fix was to disconnect your satelite input from your sky box for about a minute. Power off the box for about 30 seconds and power it back on. If that doesn't work power off the box before disconnecting the input and power up after it is reconnected.. Apparently its a matter of static building. This worked for my sky + and also for the multi room box (not sky +). Hope it helps.
  8. Surely nothing a light switch won't take care of?? Pretty cheap anyway if you do the conversion.. Down under
  9. Poor fella.. http://www.alife4sale.com On the day it is all sold and settled I intend to walk out of my front door with my wallet in one pocket and my passport in the other, nothing else at all, and get on the train, with no idea where I am going or what the future holds for me.
  10. That could be a good thing. Trailers + Truck = Storm Magnet
  11. I suspect you are right. And for those that have the actual ailment I can sympathize. Having been 'overdiagnosed' with hyperactivity before they called it ADHD or ADD and medicated beyond belief, I feel I can say it is. Now, I have a daughter who also has been diagnosed with it.. (ADHD). Do I think she needs meds? Not on your life! What I beleive, is that, it is (for some) an excuse to keep their children medicinally under control. Unfortunately she doesn't live with me and she wouldn't be on the b*****y meds if she were. But when she is with me it's not like living with a child thats for sure. My two cents.. A child should be allowed to be a child. FWIW I'm not qualified to comment on the politics of this thread.
  12. Hmm, Thats pretty much what I thought originally. Thanks Rob I'd bet YW will be more concerned about third party insurance which may be why boating was banned to begin with.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if there are any regulations in place for moving boats from one water to another. I wouldn't want to introduce something in another venue that wasn't there already. e.i. zebra mussels or signal crays. I'm actually looking for reasons not to.. The reason: I was asked to retrieve something lost in a reservoir belonging to Yorkshire Water and thought it prudent to ask permission for access versus asking forgiveness after the fact. The water does not allow boating and I didn't want to expose the water in question to something foreign (err besides myself ) Thanks in advance!
  14. Nice Elton! A few months ago I got a parking ticket and thought I could get away with parking in the same spot a few days in a row. All I had to do was put the ticket back in the windscreen. Not been caught yet, but then I don't do it all the time.
  15. or gone for this. Youtube Video -> Interesting either way.
  16. Excellent! I think I'll run a backup now since you reminded me. Seems my laptop is always in suspend when it wants to run one.
  17. I'm no expert but the line in your description 'reset, most likely due by another application ' reminds me of an issue I've had with TFTP. The fix was to open task manager (ctrl/alt/del) then 't' and look for another application which was currently running and effectively blocking the application that I wanted to use. In my case it was a socket. I'm sure Ian will be along shortly to sort you out.
  18. not those type of queens Chesters
  19. A dog is truly a man's best friend. If you don't believe it, just try this experiment. Put your dog and your wife in the trunk (boot) of the car for an hour. When you open the trunk, who is really happy to see you!?
  20. No photos. I don't feel quite comfortable just yet and wasn't sure how to go about it without getting really wet I had quite a few takes only I thought I would be smart and make it 'easier' on myself by removing a treble I'm sure I would have caught most of them if I hadn't. Mind you it was pretty satisfying given the conditions I was in. My cag and trousers keep out the rain but not the cold. The cold was the only reason I left an hour and a half early Curfew was 6pm and I just couldn't hack it.
  21. Not sure what you mean.. Is that a reference to my Yorkshire status? Baaack up the truck! I got out Saturday and got to play in the wind and rain. Nasty it was too. Caught my first pike from the yak!
  22. I see your weather was as good as mine. I didn't go Sunday because of all the huff about it. Turned out to be a beautiful day up here in Yorkshire. Saturday was much worse and I had the yak out myself. Once again Nice pictures!
  23. Uhh No! Now I haven't a clue what to do. I may go with your suggestion.
  24. Troubleshooting: You can have a connection to your router and not have a connection to the internet. Hopefully this can help isolate a problem. Remember something as simple as unplugging your router for a minute or so can remedy things. Command prompt: Start>run> then type command >enter If you receive a warning that your IP address is already in use on the network go to the command prompt and type: ipconfig /all (enter) –Note- Write this information down you might need it. ipconfig /release (enter) ipconfig /renew (enter) The first command will give you your current default gateway, IP address, and subnet mask and a lot of other useful information. The second and third commands are for DHCP only and will release your IP address and renew it for another. Make sure you write down the output specifically the IP address, the subnet mask and the default gateway before doing this. If you can’t access the web: If you wrote down what your IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway from ipconfig command you will need to reference this. Make sure you get a reply from your loopback address. This is internal to your PC and the ping doesn’t actually go anywhere. It just verifies internally that your TCP/IP stack is working. Try to ping from a command prompt. If you get a reply it works. Ping Try to ping your default gateway. Your default gateway will be the IP address of your router. Open a command prompt and then type: Ping (Yours may be different). Try to ping www.google.co.uk If, after you ping google, you get ‘destination host not found’ more than likely the connection to your ISP is down. A call might be in order. If you are working on one PC in your network and want to ping another, you will need to get the IP address of that PC (ipconfig at command prompt) and ping this IP address from the other PC. It sometimes can be a pain to keep checking to see if you are getting a reply. An easy way to remedy this is to use minus T. An example of this is to continually ping your default gateway. To do this, open a command prompt and type: Ping –t You will now continually ping your gateway until you tell it to stop. To get it to stop press control c. This will work with any address that you ping minus t. There are other tools that are really neat time savers to use. I can’t remember off the top of my head but I’ll have a look around to see what I can find. I Love Wikipedia! All the best,
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