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  1. It's the worst sin in academia. Most uni's insist on electronic submissions and mine use an automated system that provide you with a percentage mark of what can be found on other works and also highlights all those instances on your submitted work so you can check them out.
  2. In really cold water oils coagulate and don't spread about much. It might be worth making up a water based attractor for dead-baiting.
  3. Make sure you're using a secured mode (with password) to connect to the wifi, that'll rule out other users sponging on your wifi. Ensure the lap-top is only using wifi or ethernet connection to the hub, not both. Windows can only handle one IP address per device. Two connections can cause problems. Do any of the other users of your wifi use a fixed IP? If they do, you might be getting booted off when a fixed IP joins the network, which clashes with the DHCP one you've been assigned.
  4. The AT can only represent their members. As only about 100K anglers have bothered to join as individuals (out of 2 million?), there's a limit to what they can achieve by lobbying for a group, 9/10th of whom don't seem to care enough to sign up. You can join the AT and lobby them as a member (I do if I disagree with them). If another million anglers joined up with a different view, then things can change. Nothing will change while the majority of anglers sit around saying "I don't like what the AT are doing so I'm not joining or supporting them". That's a self-fulfilling prophecy. T
  5. jaa, Fine post. The word "snecked" or "un-snecked" does not appear in the English language. (Oxford Dictionary). Would your referrence be to "barbed"? Anyone but jaa have a clue?? Phone (p.s. "sheck" is a latch or lock (sheck the door) A snecked hook is one which has the point slightly out of alignment or offset to the shank. http://www.planetseafishing.com/features/read/sea-angling-for-beginners-the-anatomy-of-a-fishing-hook https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=8jl9CgAAQBAJ&pg=PT275&lpg=PT275&dq=snecked+hooks&source=bl&ots=g7DIL26W
  6. Likewise, look forward to the pics. Stick a ruler in them!
  7. Grinner for braid to hook or swivel, some like the Palomar for braid to hook, I've found the grinner usually shades the Palomar on b/s, but not a lot in it. To join mono to braid, use the Albright, amazing knot. I'd be a little circumspect with really heavy braids on a 6 piece rod under load and keep it to 30lb myself, just to make sure the line breaks before the rod. Or use stronger and remember carbon isn't indestructible...
  8. Make sure they are 'un-snecked' hooks. Snecked circles hooks can deep-hook. Un-snecked reduces this possibility and will generally only hook-up as they exit the mouth.
  9. I wonder if light has anything to do with it?. Your lakes are steep sided with steep terrain either side. It might be there's a very narrow window of 'optimum light' in the winter, no more than an hour or two and then only in a few places.
  10. I've got a 15ft GTI, which has a nice progressive action and I often use it for surface fishing for carp with 6/8lb line and had plenty of mid-doubles with it - with the hollow tip section. For finer work, the solid tipped is better (I have both).
  11. Mat, Why not fish it this year and see how big they are?
  12. I've used some of the no-name Chinese briads. Check the b/s as you go down the spool. It's usually bang on the quoted, unlike 'named' brands and it's worth checking the knots you usually use are good in the new braid. You might get the odd duff one, but at the price you can afford to chuck the odd one out.
  13. Economic Left/Right: -3.0 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.67
  14. It might be possible to steal card details, but not easy. However, if you're worried, simply put a pieces of cooking foil in your wallet so that the card is shielded on both sides. Job done.
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