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  1. Strange that Bawbag is so opposed to a second referendum. Apparently he is scared of too much democracy.
  2. They got lost. They should have been going to Kidderminster.
  3. All the tossers that voted for Brexit.
  4. Just as well they have COVID to cover for their inadequacies. They'll be fooked when the vaccine kicks in. I wonder what they will blame it on then?
  5. Don't tell chesters. Tell the owners of Dartmouth Crab Company. Or they could really take back control and land them in Denmark.
  6. The Sammy Davis Jr Trumper. Not too bright folks.
  7. Trump is not the disease. The suppurating sore that is Trump is a symptom of a deeper malady in your society. I think you are right. Some folks are worried about what way tre demographics are trending.
  8. They are a rare breed and are difficult and expensive to do well.
  9. I wonder who they asked? I wonder if the asked those who did not vote?
  10. It is controversial. Holle yes but the wee girl? That is a bit harsh for a kid. She should be in school. Anyway that's another thread.
  11. I know that one. Typical "Florida Man" Ryan Holle. Life without commuted to 25.
  12. Only in America would you see a Jewish man marching side by side with a redneck brandishing a Confederate flag. To top it all folks. He is the son of a Supreme Court Judge . You could not make this up. George Calin would be having a field day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y979Qs8rMR0&ab_channel=CNN
  13. More turkeys that voted for Crimbo. Gas lighted to death. Be careful what you wish for.
  14. I don't think all stages have felony murder. I think DC has. It is more than that. One girl I think she was just 17. Was a getaway driver for some little scrota breaking into houses. Inevitably one day they broke into the wrong house and somebody offed one. She got felony murder. life with no possibility of parole. She did not even get out of the car.
  15. Phone. Could some of those brown shirts face felony murder charges, the ones that were with that woman who got shot? Does DC have felony murder? Is there a Federal equivalent?
  16. We'll go 50:50, but only if we can take rods with us. I would not mind trout fishing in some of the streams in the foothills of the Himalayas. If there was a Loch Ness monster or a Yeti it would be natural. A living being with DNA and a genome. Nothing "paranormal" about it.
  17. No he has not. I don't debate with the delusional. When he has a paper published in Nature he can come back to me.
  18. Quantum physics. I have probably forgotten more about quantum physics that you know about it. How many quantum physicists believe in spooks? I have Laurence Krauss' email address. You can argue with him.
  19. Oh please. I do not believe in ghost, goblins, leprechauns, gods, men dying and coming back to life again, virgins giving birth or men flying about on the backs of winged horses with the head of a woman because those who claim that such things do exist cannot or will not fulfil their burden of proof. The only people who "look stupid" are those who believe in such BS.
  20. ", I'm a bona fide researcher of the paranormal.". We need to have a topic on this. I do not think there is any such thing.
  21. Sorry, don't watch telly so I would never have got it Martin.
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