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  1. If I say something Trump is wrong because he is a looney, that is an ad hominem. If I say Trump is a looney because of the crap he spews, that is not an ad hominem. I'm truly sorry your pet deity is a wuckfit, not my problem. Your clothless emperor keeps saying stupid crap like this. That's why I think he is a tosser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTg20QpE93s
  2. Lying c~nt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kgAPwqhoHo
  3. But this was meant to the easist deal ever. Muppets.
  4. An ad hominem not an ad hominem when it is true.
  5. What a fecking joke. Probably because I don't do straw men.
  6. One does not understand democracy. Popularity is all that counts, apparently.
  7. But hey Phone, the numb nut is popular with fellow numb-nuts so who gives a damn?
  8. New Trump campaign slogan: "We will buy Greenland and make Denmark pay for it!" That ought to get him re-elected.
  9. The dumb c#nt probably thought he was booking a home delivery from Iceland. Dumber than a second coat of paint. The dummkopf leader of a dummkopf country. The country where 40%+ of the population think that the world is a mere 6,000 years old and that there was T. Rex on Noah's Ark.
  10. Yes he has. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/21/world/europe/greenland-denmark-trump.html Meanwhile the logical fallacy of argumentum ad populum thrives in the cerebral matter of Ken. Don tworry buddy, you can do the normal "alt-right" thing and dismiss the news that does not fit with one's personal narrative as "fake news".
  11. I see your Child Emperor has thrown a hissy fit with Denmark because the told them that Greenland id not for sale.
  12. Sounds a bit like Switzerland and New Zealand to me. Terrible places, no repect for democracy.
  13. Then I hope that you and your ilk are the ones that are to be damned.
  14. People will sallow any old BS as long as it is a nice flavour.
  15. One can say, unequivocally, that the UK could not survive as a trading nation by relying on the WTO Option. It would be an unmitigated disaster, and no responsible government should allow it. The option should be rejected. LeaveHQ, 13/03/2017
  16. The pinheads welcoming no-deal are the same pinheads who said we'd easily get a better deal with Europe once we voted to leave. You lot are an embarrassment to yourselves. Butter wouldn't melt. You've lost all of your original arguments and squawk about democracy like a demented parrot, because the lies on which you won the referendum have inevitably been proven false, so all you're left with is a rapidly decaying ballot. So lets champion our restored sovereignty quickly before the Americans buy it for massive discount in UK plc firesale later this year... I recall they got the same bargain in 1940.
  17. Says the walking fanny. FOAD.
  18. You can go and **** yourself too.
  19. I see your a cuttering stunt too.
  20. You like giving out a bit of greif but can't hack it when it's back at you. F@ck right off man-child.
  21. I don't live in a garret and it is you that lives in Shitsville.
  22. I would rather gouge out my own eyeballs with a rusty old Opinel.
  23. Absolute fecking bullshit from the usual brown mouth of Tiggervagina.
  24. I would hate do deny people what they had voted for. F@ck them.
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