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  1. Got to say folks, enjoyed the invasion onto Maggotdrowners. Good humoured and a blinding idea. Nice to see people in it just for the crack.
  2. It doesn't list all of them, but there are a few good pointers HERE.
  3. AWESOME!!!!! There is no better place in the whole world!! Take a pair of flip flops, some decent books and chill out big style. :cool: Definitely take the snorkelling trip. Cheap as chips and the reef is unbelievable. Turtles, octopus, sharks, massive grouper fish. It's like swimming in a tropical aquarium. Night fishing is wicked, even my missus like it. Casting fishing is cheaper than the big game fishing and watching fish hit big surface lures is heart stopping. The beach bar was usually empty and is nice to spend a quiet night with the missus. Fresh coconuts you can just pick
  4. Where you going to Frodo? Only we went there Christmas last year to Meeru and we did all the night fishing and that - excelent fun. Beautiful place. Loads of sport fishing to be had. Barracuda, wahoo, sailfish.........
  5. A hell of a subject this. We have so many angling bodies and no public figurehead. Well, the CA and Charles Jardine take it upon themselves to speak out, but that's a contentious issue in itself. It's something I have thought about that for all the 5 million anglers (?) there are ion this country paying out millions and millions of pounds for our sport year in, year out, yet the only voice that speaks out gets shouted down. Don't get me wrong I'm not a supporter of the CA but they're the only ones who are ever quoted in the National press when it comes to angling matters. As for a jo
  6. On a punt on Bury Hill's Estate lake for some tench. I'd like a double (fat chance) but I'll settle for anything.
  7. These look dirt cheap> http://www.ccmoore.com/ But I can't speak for them as I haven't used them yet. But at the prices for hemp and Mega Hemp, I'll be giving them a go very soon.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Beebs: Aren't there 3 million anglers in Britain? quote:Originally posted by Cranfield: Before anyone quotes how many Anglers there are in the UK, check out on the EA website, how many licences were sold last year. It wasn't a statement it was a question, hence the question mark. It's a number I've seen and heard being thrown around. I don't know exactly how many people go fishing any more than anyone else, but like I said earlier, it's totally irrelevant. 2 million, 3 million, 0.5 million. Quoting EA licence sales is half the story. Without wanting to get bog
  9. Never disagreed with you barbless. I argued very strongly before the Lib/Liv march that I thought it was a bad idea to be seen to jump into bed with the CA and nothing has changed my mind since then. What I was saying is that like it or not, the CA are using angling as one of their netwrok of suppport groups whether we approve or disapprove. My point was that the angling bodies are not speaking out for us. I don't like the fact that the CA have conveniently used anglers to boost their numbers so it would appear that hunting has better support than it does. After all, how many people associa
  10. I agree, but at least the CA are out there in the public eye. They might well be using anglers to champion their cause, but where are the angling bodies? I don't know how many members of the CA actually hunt, shoot or fish but I would have a stab and guess that there are more anglers in the UK than there are hunters and shooters, yet angling seems to be a small section of a bigger organisation. I think angling and anglers are potentially a much bigger force than the CA, but what are we doing to help ourselves? Aren't there 3 million anglers in Britain? Quite a considerable number of vo
  11. From what I can see, it's irrelevant arguing whether anglers should join the CA. Which anglers? Coarse anglers? Game anglers? Sea anglers? Shouldn't fishermen make an attempt to unify themselves into a potentially much stronger force to be reckoned with? Wouldn't angling itslef with its millions of participants be a much stronger voice? But the problem with saving angling is anglers themselves. Most can't be bothered to get off their arses to help save their sport. They think other people will look out for their sport for them. Well it's not anyone elses sport it's ours. I probably spend
  12. I think you'll find this is quite normal from what I've seen on various boards and my own personal experience. Very quick at taking your money, not so quick at giving you your order or giving your money back. Good excuses though. Usually the one about Postal strikes in London sorting office. Funny that other stuff I've ordered from the Channel Islands gets through without the same trouble.
  13. Beebs

    sea sickness

    Probably sounds stupid, but try not to think about it. I've only been on boats twice when it's been really bad and others have been ill around me. The first time, I sat there and felt rough, but once I got up and walked around a bit and did some fishing, it took my mind off it. Also, try not to let your head move about too much, it's the fluid sloshing around in your inner ear that makes you feel ill, if the boat is tossing one way to another, try to move your upper body to compensate. I'm not convinced on travel sickness tablets, my missus tried them last time we went boat fishing and
  14. I know one of the top and most succesful carpers in the country fishes with a red sweatshirt and blue tracksuit bottoms. It doesn't seem to harm his catch rate.
  15. ....... end up divorced. With any luck.
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