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    Now retired so free to travel, fish and do whatever i like. I like food and cooking and going to France. As for being pretentious , moi!!

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  1. I have a Zippo which works sometimes. Not overly impressed with it.
  2. You could lose a finger with spade end hooks! The discussion went on and on and became silly. Even I'm trying to tie them albeit with the aid of a tyer. You have been alluded to Ian in dispatches.
  3. The incessant rain, the resultant mud and indifferent fish are enough to put anyone off fishing. I'm happy to fish in the rain as long as I can set up and pack up in the dry. Cold and dry is acceptable and I look foward to having a go.
  4. Just got back from France and it was raining on the approach and hasn't stopped. I nearly turned back. It's grey , miserable, wet but not cold. Anyway I'm only here till next week and then it's a week in Dubai. It's cool there now at 33c.
  5. That's put me off my tea; I feel sick nowxat the thought of it lol
  6. All by design so you have to buy a new one. It's called built in obsolescence and it should be illegal .
  7. I looked at a boat for sale the other day. Now they are a money pit and only for the wealthy. The one behind yours truly was for sale at £900,000. I could have just afforded the tender. Most of these boats in Antibes rarely move so are a waste of money but a big status symbol. Might be good fishing from one though.
  8. I meant from our discussions and the pics on eBay . You also told me you would give it an outing so a good combination. I have cleared by inbox on FM so will reply to your pm's when they come through which might be never.
  9. Great pics Ian and I recognise the rod but not the reel.
  10. Ian holds the world record for the number and speed of hooking, of maggots on a size 14 hook. It's mesmerising to watch.
  11. I looked at a high end Century beachcasting rod with the following feature , Gearbox Design butt and Autoclave Technology. I would have asked but was in a hurry. What is that?
  12. I know. I thought the weather back home was abysmal but not so judging by your great pics and fab fish.
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