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  1. There is one big fault with the six shooter and thats the slipping clutch. No matter how tight you try to set it you cant, as its pre set in some way. Meaning it will slip at a lower pressure than you want. This doesnt help in setting the hooks.
  2. You mention that your intending to use this line for mackeral fishing? What weight of lead are you planning to use? I ask this as its the accepted practice of all sea anglers to use a breaking strain of 10lb for every ounce that is to be cast. So if your using 20lb BS that equates to 2oz of lead. It would be far better to use say 15lbBS line with a 50/60lbBS leader.
  3. As I said previously go to world of sea angling. Find the section on the forum that covers your area then do a search for your venue or read the posts. All the info you need will be there some where.
  4. Not knowing the methord used doesnt help give an answer. I would suggest that you have a look here. http://worldseafishing.com/forums/forum.php Not only will it cover the artea you are but give all the info you need.
  5. Do they actually exist ? No lake is "Still" theres always some movement. So any slack line will be caught by this movement and will slowly tighten upi?
  6. I suggest you read the following care-data.info/ this will explain more. My apologies as the link doesnt seem to work properly. If anyone can correct please do. I would also point out that this is being run by a firm called ATOS. Who are also responisble for the medical screening for benefit claimants. If the stories we hear about the way thats run raises questions about this care.data.
  7. Have a look at the Okuma epix pro 30. I have one of these and there brilliant. The Okuma carbonite reminds me of another okuma which admittidly was at the cheap end. This was a good little reel but sufferd from bale arm problems. Eventualy i lost a spring which ruined the reel the good sice the spools fitted the epix.
  8. I had a shop bought version of this to many years ago. It ran on Meths. I never found it to be very effective and soon was thrown to the back of the shed in favour of a Primus stove.
  9. Many thanks Ken I had searched you tube but found nothing.
  10. In the new ad the backing music is The Platters Great Pretender, although in this case its covered by a female. Who is she?
  11. Sportsman your right about underfloor being the way to go. Some of my neighbours have the air source heating with radiators and thats fully controllable.
  12. I had a ground source heat pump heating systen installed back in March. Admittidly its not been used a great deal but from when it has I'm impressed. For every kilowatt in 3 K out. It does mean over size radiators to compensate for the lower operating temp. (45-50 c) It also takes longer to get to temp compared with gas. The biggest problem i can se is the cost. I was told ours cost £12.000 with £4000 of that just for boring the 100m bore hole.
  13. Phone, unfortunatly it cant work that way here. Firefighters as such do not specilise. Yes some do have the extra trianing to operate specialist appliances ie Hydraulic platforms and turntable ladders Non operational jobs do exist but there in a small minority, and may only consist of up to a dozen posts, that is of course unless they have been reclassified and are now done by civilian staff. (Cheaper wages) Fire prevention requires a high degree of training with a minimum of 6 weeks spelised training. Depending on the Fire Authority the numbers of staff may only be 20/30. Even these j
  14. I have vista business, which seems to be missing part of windows media player. When i try to play a dvd an error message comes up saying this. is there a good simple media player available to correct this?
  15. Both baits lost their effectivness many years ago. Simply due to the vast number of anglers using them. Scaling down the pellet size worked. On the map Sydney Ave is shown, this runs just yards from the river with pegs cut every 15/20 yards. Parking is at the peg you fish, so as I said previously this stretch gets hammered. Granted the section to the right of the island is restricted to the house owners so its not heavily fished. The island is covered in mature trees so lots of overhanging branches and roots in the water. I have fished Sydney Ave as its probably the closest section of
  16. Peter lures are banned on that stretch. EA rules to protect the salmon. That stretch is a prolific barbel stretch and is obviously very heavily fished. Admittidly from the far bank on the other side of the island. So i'd go for barbel rod 10lb main line 8lb leader. Pellets to start with a 6/8mm on the hook. Either a swim feeder or pva mesh to feed. A sea food/crab boilie might work to. Alternativly a float rod dragging a small piece of meat should pick up the smaller barbel.
  17. Blackcurrents, raspberries and loganberries heavily laden but not fully ripe yet. Strawberries good most eaten. No apples for the second year due to frosts as blossom was on the tree.
  18. Thanks to you both. The problem seems to have disappeard. I ran spybot again adaware and dropbox, all found a large number of problems . The problems seem to have occured after downloading open office. Yes I did the download from their web site. or at least thats what i thought.
  19. Andy I'm already using spybot and defender. I have deleted search.com from programs and Firefox, disabled it in IE. Every time I reset my home page it comes back search .com. Even doing a search finds no trace of it on my PC.
  20. Thanks for the quick reply Andy.Yes it comes up when i start IE or FF. I have repeatedly reset the home page but it just goes back to search.us.com
  21. I have managed to install search.us.com on my system. I uninstalled from programs, disabled it in IE but its still there. It doesnt show in add ons on fire fox. How do I remove it?
  22. My wife has a problem lying on her back so it creates difficulties with MRI scans. At one hospital they refused to give her a scan, but at another it was no problem and the scan was done with her on her stomache. I get the impression its down to the hospital and the standard of the tech's operating the MRI.
  23. Back in the day when i used nothing but 300/410's, i modified them all. Bale arm from the 410 on the 300 handle from a 410 to a 300. Uprated bale arm springs on all. The clutch then used white PTFE washers, by increasing the number of thewse the drag did get a bit smoother. I must admit I was lucky as my local shop kept all the spare parts in stock, so very easy to souce the spares.
  24. I have gained a sky hd box. The spec is a 500gb hard drive. Can I remove this and either fit it to my pc or buy a carrier to use with the pc?
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