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  1. Well, I'll never order another chicken sandwich from Burger King.
  2. Apparently, koi can distinguish music, according to this report. Written in a scholarly manner (read: dull), though: Fish Laboratory
  3. What do you call an Italian without hands? A speech impediment.
  4. Bacon Butty: quote: Anyone got any bright ideas?? Dynamite. Seriously, have you ever tried Smelly Jelly on your bait or lures?
  5. I hate it myself. Don't you live in North Carolina?
  6. Thanks Newt. Port Sheldon, east (Michigan) side of the lake.
  7. Rockling: quote: We return big brownies now as we consider them an endangered species (got my trout fishing hat on now, it tends to slip over my tiny eyes, what use are barbels if they are on your chin?)- biggest brown trout I ever caught was 2lb 15 1/2ozIf you like catching and eating browns, come on over man. They're eveywhere. River browns tend to be smaller but much more colorful; lake-run browns get fat eating alewives and smelt - the big ones are called football browns because they look like American footballs. Lake-run browns are not as pretty though - they lose most of their colors
  8. Very interesting, Newt. Winston Churchill said, quote: The difference between our outlook and the Socialist outlook is the difference between the ladder and the queue. We are for the ladder. Let all try their best to climb. They are for the queue. I think I'm going to be sick of politics long before this November. The TV ads are already overbearing and dumb. [ 04. May 2004, 02:16 AM: Message edited by: severus ]
  9. Rockling: quote: Their gloomy prognosis was that the brownies would eventually become extinct on all major Scottish waters. Are browns native to the U.K.? I had presumed that they were from Germany, since folks over here call them German browns. Hopefully, they rebound in numbers for you. Now that's one fish that we are glad to have introduced here. Gorgeous fish.
  10. Gosh, I'll bet this means there is no Santa Claus. Rats.
  11. Adz: quote: Ken, Inland waterways in the UK have mandatory speed limits tidal rivers are the highest speeds at 15mph - even if we did have Asian carp trouble, it would be 'how do you get the lead shot out before you eat it' sort rather than the 'mind that fish... what fish? SPLAT!' sort ;-D Right. That would be a lot of fun, sitting up on a flybridge far above the fish with a loaded shotgun. And according to the Courier-Journal article Newt submitted, bighead carp are "quite tasty". I can't imagine having to hide behind a garbage can lid, lawn chair, or home-made carp guards to prot
  12. Just out of curiosity, are invasive fish or marine species a problem in the U.K.? I live in the Great Lakes region in the U.S. Since the St. Lawrence Seaway opened, many invasive species were inadvertently introduced, such as lamprey, zebra mussels, gobies, and alewives. Some came via ships ballast, others just swam in, still more were introduced by well-meaning pet owners who could not properly dispose of their fish. Asian carp species are our latest visitors, huge fish that have a nasty habit of jumping out of the water when boats pass by at high speed, scared by prop wash. Boaters hav
  13. severus


    KennyC: quote: I wish I could say the same for the UK where Anglers are treated poorly and are only just tolerated....grr!! Are you serious? Sport fishermen are generally the best folks in the world - they purchase licenses, put cash into local economies, and don't bother anyone (except the fish). Sorry to hear that.
  14. Allow me to make two referrals to you: First, check out the forums at GLAngler Magazine's Website. Ask that question there and you'll be bombarded with suggestions, because most of the anglers are Great Lakes fishermen and like to share info. Second, if you want to catch a lot of lake-run German brown trout, contact Ernie Lantiegne of Fish Doctor Charters on Lake Ontario in New York state. Browns are his specialty, and he's good at it. His website is Fish Doctor Charters. Good luck, and tight lines.
  15. It's sent. Good luck. Are you thoroughly sick of qualitative/quantitative marketing research yet?
  16. Excellent article, Steve! It cleared up a few things that I had been wondering about. Actually, I knew that carp were a targeted species over there because I've read a few newspaper articles about Brits who come over and fish for them here (I live in Michigan). Since no one fishes for them they tend to be numerous, large, and not hard to catch. Personally, I do a lot of trolling on Lake Michigan for salmon and trout, but I do occasionally icefish in winter. Do you use glow worms - corn borers or maggots that are fed something that makes them glow in darkness? That bait has become popular
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