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  1. The bloke who owns the tackle shop seen the fish i my keepket and identified it for me because i dint have a clue what it was He said that the Lampreys cum all way from the sea as adults to spawn in the area there was born and then die No picture taken as we was only pleasure fishing for Barbel and Chub! Fluke capture it was at least 2 - 3 feet long and as thick as your arm tho Crazy when you think you've been looky and got a Barbel on the stickfloat then you see the browny colour and sucker for a mouth when uve never seen owt like it before in 9 years of fishing
  2. Caught one ov these today on the River Ure in Boroughbridge about 3lb strange fish didnt even no they exsited
  3. So how has everyones opening day gone? Mine really has'nt gone to plan at all all caught Chub and perch but no Barbel also caught a 3lb Sea lamprey weird lookin thing!
  4. Its Barbel time for me after the 'king' of British fish at the Swale in Cundall
  5. Personally id start from scratch and just clean owt the whole filter but why not start by doing regular water changes see if it helps Keep checking your water parameters u sure its not Amonia build up in the tank?
  6. Cant wait for the start of the new season got alot of good feelings about this year
  7. Agree with this in summer there dos'nt seem to be much point in Pikin in my eyes best just targetin more ''summery fish'' Ano it sounds like a sting in the tail but just going on past expierences
  8. On the hunt for another double this year would b a gud target for me The swale seems the best river round here for barbel heard ov a 13lb fish gettin caught at Thornton Bridge
  9. Plenty ov Carp spawing on Sat wen i was fishing ended u with about 15 Carp on chum mixers upto about 8lb
  10. Shame i cant read DUTCH! Sum cracking predator photos tho
  11. Mad catching big carp on light tackle Had a 16lb Carp fishing for Roach on a number 4 elastic and 1.5lb bottom
  12. Same here im really hoping for a gud year
  13. Well i ant waiting 4 years for are best chance ov world Cup glory to go fishing wen i can be doin that any other time still of after the game on sat for a few hours in the evenin tho....... THE PENDULUM SWINGS BOTH WAYS
  14. Plenty ov good deep stretches that would be perfect for Bream Starting on the Swale on 16th on the Cundall stretch
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