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    Jamie Bulger

    I am very disappointed in the Moderator(s) of this thread that has seen fit to delete my post, is it okay for B Phil to make derogatory remarks, in my eyes and others yet his post stays. His post is tantamount to war in Liverpool yet I call him something we all know and I get done. This is the end of me on this site, I have loved the interaction with quite a few of yers, yer a good bunch..but To Kleinboet, Stubbsy and you other gooduns..goodbye! Just to let yer know, I was once danzante and came back on with another username, it happened in the past to me when I upset a female in
  2. Only bettered by Nursejudy and Huge Vitae for amount of posts on this thread.
  3. Are those holes big enough to let rats in?
  4. Casey

    Camo red?

    I reckon the fish had never seen a madman before and were curious.
  5. Casey

    Camo red?

    He caught one anyway on the bend of the river dont know where I got SERIUOSLY from I'm not into camo either but Matt does wear a lot of it, then again, it was out of his older series. must put back on my Union Jack suit now we've cleared this up.
  6. Casey

    Camo red?

    that's not bad for you Dave Seriuosly! does that mean camo is not worth the cloth its stitched on?
  7. Casey

    Camo red?

    Watched Matt Hayes earlier, he crept under some barbed wire to appear as inconspicuous as possible..wearing a RED jumper have I got this all wrong or wha'? Must add, he was after chub.
  8. Only because there were no other customers in the restaurant, she wouldn't have looked at him twice.
  9. Most romantic picnic spot.....on top of a handcart under the flyover bottom of Scotty Rd, 1965.
  10. Casey

    Air Rifle

    I had a BSA until my son confiscated it encouraged me to buy a better rifle (pcp) am I glad he's got me gun? Make sure your power aint over the limit Dan, or else.
  11. Casey


    Thinkin of takin the Denton, Hyde A628 route, M1, Worksop, East Markham, Dunham, Lincoln, A158 trail, will I encounter any Indians on the way?
  12. Casey


    Zen, finish work in the morning then going temorra lunch time, drop me daughter and her mates off at Manchester Airport then struggle ( dont know me way but I'll enjoy the scenery ) across to Skegness till Saturday. I'll be like a Zombie come Saturday afternoon.
  13. Casey


    Thanks fellas, appears some good info there.
  14. Casey


    Gonna visit a friend here over the weekend, any decent day ticket fishing around this area? I like a spot of river fishing too.
  15. Its safer living in Beirut than here. That reminds me, gotta sell me gun, anyone interested in an AK-47?...going cheap and only needs 30 rounds of ammo.
  16. Nice story newt, but what if the diminutive sailor had ignored the bully and instead gone and beat up the guys wife and kids? You amaze me each post, there's always something idiotic you add, I must be an idiot chattin to one.
  17. I think his posts show anti' Israeli views.
  18. What do these things "keepnets" look like?
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