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  1. I'd love to know who the so-called 'Friends of Steve Copollo' are, and who the 'Sea angling journalists' are that have been called in to help the AT dig themselves out of the huge hole they are in? For my mind the AT is yet another case of diving into something you know nothing about both undermanned and underfunded. I would have thought that consulting the UK sea angling press and key journalists would have been the first thing that was done before the 'glitzy' launch of a non entity. The AT should have done their homework before announcing how brilliant they are and the fact that they are '
  2. Hi Alan, many thanks for your kind offer - I'm well up for a long offshore trip. I think Elton has given you my mobile number - please feel free to give me a call at any time to discuss. Failing that you can e-mail me at the office on: [email protected] Look forward to speaking with you soon to arrange the trip.
  3. Hi Mike, I'm a good friend of Elton and also the editor of Boat Fishing Monthly magazine. Any chance Elton and myself could come up and jump on board for a day when you're set up so I can do a nice big feature in the mag and Elton can do one for the website? Get in touch with Elton and he'll give you my mobile number.
  4. I can remember the last time I got wood on a beach - I'd just caught a 6lb 8oz bass!
  5. I ended up catching 15 cod in the 4lb to 7lb bracket - there were 32 cod caught on the boat between three of us - it was top sport! There were massive shoals of sprats swimming under the boat, and the only reason we caught the fish that we did was because they had their heads down feeding on hermit crabs! I guess they'd had enough of the all-fish diet! I could see loads of cod about 20ft off the bottom just under the sprat shoals though, so there are plenty of cod in the Thames!
  6. That's the stuff I gave you about four years ago Murph! We did a covermount on TSF and there were a few spools left over!
  7. Dave B

    Ultima F1

    F1 is a good line, but as far as I can remember from a massive group test I did some 9 years ago, it has a huge amount of stretch in it, way more than other monos. It casts really well though.
  8. I've been boat fishing since 1977, and during that time I don't think much has changed. The fishing seems to go in cycles (there are many theories of the 7-year cycle). One year you catch loads of cod, then it get less and less until everyone is shouting that there's no cod left in the sea. Then it pick up again and suddenly, like 2008, it's the best cod fishing that anyone can remember. It's the same with other species too. I can remember being 17 or 18 and regularly going out from Leigh and helping catch over 50 smoothhounds, all in double figures with two or three twenties on the boat - and
  9. What you really needed was an Essex Boy up there to show you how it's done properly Glenn!
  10. Hi Brian, could you please e-mail me at: [email protected] regarding the festival - I'd like a chat about running a report in Boat Fishing Monthly for you.
  11. Can't see why they think it's a potential record? The world record stands at 145lb caught off Hawaii in 91. Still an awesome fish though. I know they have been taken over 200lb by commercial fishermen!
  12. I've just been sent a new book entitled 'Sit-On-Top Kayak - A Beginner's Manual'. It's written by Derek Hairon - a British Canoe Union Level 5 Sea Kayak Coach. There's a whole section of Kayak fishing in the book, along with in-depth information on equipment, clothing, safety etc, plus entire chapters covering paddle skills, and how to get started. A quick flick through the book has taught me a lot! It's published by PESEDA PRESS - ISBN: 978-1-906095-02-4. It costs £7.99
  13. My thoughts also go out to the families, but one has to ask the question "What the hell were three big lads doing going out in a 14ft dinghy?" In my opinion, anything under 16ft should be limited to two people for safety reasons. I've fished on 16-footers with three people and it's not the most comfortable experience. It's certainly not the safest way to enjoy your fishing either. Whether you're fishing at anchor or on the drift, it's essential to get the balance right on any small boat. The slightest wash from a passing boat or rogue wave during a slight chop can rock most 16-footers like a
  14. Without doubt a shortfin mako.
  15. Serves you right for using 8lb mono Murph - you wally! What ever posessed you. Still, i don't suppose you were expecting to hook into anything of that size were you. I've been smashed a few times - only last week I was reduced to a pile of dribbling mess by a gallon of Scrumpy! On a more serious note, I was totally destroyed by a big bass last year while fishing live mackerel out of Lymington. I just couldn't stop the thing - even on 20lb braid. Sometimes the fish get the better of you, it's just makes you more determined the next time you go out. (Keep the 8lb mono for mullet fish
  16. I agree, argueing from ignorance is a logical fallacy. So why didn't the scientist in question write a report based on the whole story? Oh, and i'll think you'll find that I' not the only angler who believes that if you help a fish to recover it stands one hell of a good chance of surviving. Basing an opinion that most fish die once released on a study of one of the hardest fighting fish in the sea is hardly a 'fair' scientific experiment is it? The oxygen levels in warm, shallow water are far lower than that of deeper, cooler water for a start - which means any fish that has expended a lar
  17. Now that's just the kind of ill-informed journalism that we don't need! What an awful story. I'd like to know how the hell those so called 'Scientists' managed to 'observe' 88 bone fish after they had been released - they must be superhuman. And, why the hell didn't they do what every angler does when they release a bonefish - hold the fish in the water until it recovers and is ready to swim away! Talk about giving anglers a bad name. The entire story, just like the experiment itself, look as though they were put together to give recreational anglers a bad name.
  18. Aha! that's why then You know I go fishing ALL THE TIME, as often as I can, whenever the missus lets me and my job requires.... ahem! I don't think you can be at the helm of a specialist mag or website if you don't participate yourself, it just doesn't work. So tell me Murph... those flatties you're catching in Suffolk... How many Are Soles?
  19. It's worth trying a sandeel or mackerel bait there too. I know of a few thornback rays that have come from the shore in that area.
  20. 'Ere Murph, I've made more that two posts on here in the last seven and a half years mate! Did you reset my Avatar? Good luck with the soles, I'll let you know if the bass play fair!
  21. Here's a picture of a striped marlin that I hooked off Southend Pier yesterday afternoon. What an awesome session - there were stripeys jumping all over the place! Unfortunately this fish snapped me off, but I'll be back there at the weekend trying to catch another one. I've sent the picture and the story to The Sun, and I'm hoping to draw huge crowds to Sunny Southend during August to help with tourism there - seeing as how we've had such a terrible summer, and everybody's profits are down locally. That supposed great white sighting down in cornwall has really boosted their local eco
  22. Hi Rufus, Just to let you know that if you intend to target the stingers in the Blackwater you shouldn't go too heavy. Yes, there are some very big fish there, but you really don't have to go overboard with heavy live and monster hooks. Use an up and over rig with a 4ft-long trace of 50lb mono, with either a single size 6/0 hook or a size 4/0 pennell rig. Also, don't bother trying fish baits. The best bait by a long shot for the big stingers off the East Anglian coast, is a whole king ragworm. I've had plenty of experience fishing the Maplin Edge in the Thames - a series of sandban
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