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  1. as aways really gripped by your adventures, the pair of you should make a t.v series. !!
  2. [Anderoo. As for where I would choose (and asuming I can't go back in time - otherwise it would be the Wensum in its roach heyday, or Redmire in the company of Dick Walker), that's a good question... Well Andrew it is redmire but we cant go back in time so I will have to make do with the three people I will be joining and just soaking up the atmosphere, maybe climb a tree or try for a gudgeon.
  3. although I class myself as a fairly proficient pleasure angler whose first love is and always will be putting a stick float through a steady current I am always willing to try different methods and venues. Since visiting wingham I have kitted myself out with numerous bits of kit for short session angling ( by the way Steve if you are reading this my new boss is much easier to influence and I am hoping to make the full fish in this year if I am lucky enough ) . Now the point of my question is, if you were given the chance to fish a venue for a long weekend nearly 200 miles away for a species
  4. had a 4lb tench as an 11 year old fishing minnows for perch at horton kirby lakes and a eel take a lure on the broads. sometimes ive even eaten celery !
  5. Top tips from Budgie, only one from me. establish the target fish and probable weight needed to win the match and fish for them, don`t get tempted to start scratching for bites if you struggle for the start of the match and dont be dissalusioned when you get your a**e whupped from each side of you good luck and have FUN.
  6. take your carp rods and fish from the breakwater instead
  7. had one for years, only used it twice and struggled both times with single hooks,would probably cut as close to hook as possible rather than pull the pikes stomach inside out.
  8. Had a tench on minnow meant for perch as a lad.
  9. Found it. pm me your address and I will stick it in the post for you.
  10. pretty sure I have one in my garage Budgie, will have a dig and get back to you.
  11. you see lots of bites though !!
  12. Excuse me !!! got my eye on this meself,( it`s why i posted the other one.)
  13. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT wish I knew how to post a link !! try the one above and see if you can bag a bargain
  14. good thought provoking topic, just got back this morning from fuerteventura with 2 reels in my hand luggage no problems there or going out from Gatwick, have previously had forceps confiscated coming back ( rightly so ) as I forgot to put them with my other bits and bobs.in future will probably put the spools in the hold.
  15. if you are new to fishing why not buy a float rod and try the rivers in the winter, you will definately learn some new skills
  16. Andy, having met tigger at wingham I would take him up on his offer next time you go out collecting !! . Hope you feel well enough to work soon
  17. Hi sawnee, there are at least three, medway green,myself and tony u who is on the commitee, not fished Boughton Monchelsea myself so might be worth a pm to the other guys, both are full of info, there is also a fisheries guide available to purchase from the treasurer. welcome to Anglers net.
  18. Radnor park pond or the peter pan pool, first place I ever fished as a young boy catching perch eels and small tench,if memory serves me well I am sure some of the 12oz tench used to strip hundreds of yards off my reel ! ( small pin with about 20 yds on ! ) anyway always will be a magical place in my memory so I believe it !!
  19. welcome to anglers net Gusgus, I am sure someone one here lives locally enough to help, good luck with your fishing, plenty of advice for all types of angling if you navigate from the home page.
  20. KAYC


    saw one caught on the tidal at kingston many years ago, I think you will get more information asking on the sea forum.
  21. Again as always thank you to all mentioned for yet another fantastic fish in.( I cant believe after all the wet and miserable fish in`s I have attended I found myself soaking myself with water this morning ! ) Thanks for putting me in what is a very fishable swim ,there were definately fish in it I just couldn`t catch them well done to all those that acheived PB`s and it was a pleasure to meet some new faces and catch up with familiar ones. THANKS again
  22. welcome smiffles and as you have posted you will be able to register for a place when steve officially opens his list. I have to say if you go you will not be dissapointed with both the fish in and surrounding area loads of wildlife and you may even see a Budgie hope to see you there ( if I am lucky enough to secure a place )
  23. Thanks chris,very informative post i am sure it will be printed about 14 times !!
  24. Asda eastleigh opens @ 07.30 on monday the cafe opens @ 08.00 for those hungry types, met check looking quite good now ( they have heard leons not going )
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