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  1. Good man!! If I am lucky enough to secure a place I will take you up on that Tony, I will even buy you a pint or two at the Poachers. (Work and wife permitting )
  2. Thanks for the replies all, only really posted because I thought it might raise a smile or two !! . Actually I have probably got a small tent somewhere in my garage but I must say who would pay the prices quoted for bivvies when there are such good prices around, Hey I even get 10% discount at Tesco!! Tight lines.
  3. Well there I was actually about to bid on a brand new fox bivvy !! Me ... I swore I would NEVER go down that road OH NO!! but then the thought of a possible overnighter at wingham ( space permitting ) and not having to drag tons of tackle for just the day convinced me if I could be canny and wait until the final seconds before bidding I might just steal a bargain!! and then the wife turned up with around a minute to go and the bidding at less than £40.00 for a new fox bivvy estimated retail around £150.00 and she asked why on earth I would want one of them and wouldnt the plastic beach shelter do! after my polite reply she said well you had better bid then so I punched in £50.05p...clever that the 5p and there I was the winning bidder with SH*T still 20 seconds to go ( I had meant to leave it to at least then to bid still no worries refresh and now still winning with only 7 seconds left, a quick switch to my e-**y and Bolloc*s outbid by a quid!! Plastic beach tent and lots of overcoats for me then
  4. Hmm, Difficult but is it any different to pike fishing the broads boatyards?
  5. Starting to slip again! ( great deals!! )
  6. Many moons ago as a lad I fished a pit in Cheriton folkestone, right where the channel tunnel starts and I remember meeting a young french couple who had a pile of dead silver fish beside them, they where on a student exchange and they informed me they cook and eat all fish caught and promised me a feast the next day! we were only tenagers and the next day they duly served me Roach and it was I have to say......sh*t. They told me the perch and gudgeon were the best, much to good for an English kid!!
  7. Signed, Thanks for raising awareness, 30 years of memories for me I would like future generations to have.
  8. Thats the problem with some people, no priorities!!
  9. Fabulous!! well done I could "feel" your exitement in your post, long may it last.
  10. Wish you all well folks, Really sorry I cant make it ( nightworker working friday!!) those of you who have not fished the Itchen before but have visited the Test are in for a treat if the river fishes it is fabulous!! If any one would like to borrow a pin or rod for that matter let me know and I will drop one off with Tony (Leeds with 4lb maxima & 13` trotting rod capable of handling most grayling. Chub, Trout etc you can expect ) Absolutely no hooks!! Have a great day and I look forward to the reports whoops!!! Tony`s away. Have a great day anyway
  11. Best of luck to all going, look forward to some exciting pic`s !!
  12. I use a piece of cork tile cut two pieces to size ang glue back to back, Absolutely perfect, keeps the rigs straight and is lightweight and costs a couple of pence!
  13. Did I see the prototype on the Test this year ? I think I did ( it was black and had anglers ner etched on it, bit of a clue I suppose )and you are right Elton it did look good and the person involved was catching well on it.
  14. [email protected]@dy hell, I throw enough in the trees in the daylight!!
  15. I do not believe I missed the scoff!! ( die-hard angler thats me ) Started on the slow carrier because I could not face getting soaked setting up my float tackle so sat under a brolly and tipped bread and then maggot / corn for a while, Lost a fish that went under a boon that I should have known was there so switched to the float,already my fingers were so cold I struggled to whip my hook but after two perch I was becoming reasonably confident , the float dipped and I felt the unmistakable slow pull and head shake of a reasonable roach until the line slackened and the tell tale spiral at the end of my hooklength told me I should have warmed my fingers before tying the hook!!. Moved around a bit and finished with one small roach two tiny grayling three perch that love sweetcorn two rainbows and five brown trout. Hard slog but there are worse things in life. Thanks to Tony, Sue and Lyn for all their effort. See you on the Itchen
  16. Well it`s good news on the weather front!! The sleet has turned to heavy rain and the wind has dropped to a gentle 19mph, Whooo that`s a relief then.
  17. Looks like the curse of LEON strikes again, It wouldnt be the same without 20mph winds driving torrential rain now would it ? TIMBER!!
  18. Needle floats, Hook tyers and the Chub bag I purchased for a more roving style of fishing after a day with Tony U fishing the beult and wondered why I attempted to carry as much as I could ( just in case!) and Tony coped admirably with a small bag , fold up stool and one rod and net. So swore I would lighten my load and I must have kitted it out with duplicate tackle and re-organised at least twice but have still not joined the club and have not used the bag!!
  19. Thanks Elton!! Had a quick look but with nail clippers at £15.00 I want more than free delivery.
  20. Thanks for the link Chris have added it to my favourites some good local knowledge on there. Hope Craig t finds it as useful
  21. Who knows Glenn maybe us Timsbury urkes will be invited over for a meltwater fish-in, ( all expenses paid of course) Tight lines to yourself and good luck to you and yours.
  22. Welcome purebarbelman, Had a short trip on the lower medway a while back and witnessed a young chap fishing in a rather crude manner ( to me) He was perched on a path well above the river edge and had his rod on a beach spike fishing into a wier from two swims below, His weight was tied to his line and he was fishing hailbut pellet, When asked how he was doing he replied he had not caught yet but had a barbel from the same swim the day before, Almost dismissing his comment to pass him he then produced his mobile phone with a picture of a nicely proportioned barbel of around 4lb, Still thinking about digging out my grip leads and drop net!!
  23. Me to, maybe we should get some sort of medal? Great link,thanks.
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