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  1. Personally always found that a couple of sonic devices strategically placed is enough to deter mice. That and the complete removal of any foodstuffs, especially baits.
  2. Rough justice, but more than the slap on the wrist they were likely to get from our courts - IF they ever got caught. I'd be perfectly happy for more farmers to take this approach!
  3. Thoroughly enjoying the shows, great banter between these two
  4. No question that these two have been seriously inhuman in their treatment of those that they consider not worthy. Does that give a supposedly civilised society the right to end their lives by way of punishment? In my opinion, they should have plenty of time to consider the repercussions of their actions by languishing in jail for the remainder of their natural life. I'm also pretty sure they would consider themselves a worthy sacrifice for their cause if they are executed. Mahatma Gandhi summed up this dilemma perfectly in his famous saying - "An eye for an eye makes everyone blind"
  5. Puzzled


    God bless 'I'm, was the very ultimate Sunday cult show and he knew how to laugh at himself.
  6. People just don't seem to hang around too long near this fella! It's a pretty cr*p way to let someone know you've had enough of them.
  7. Moisture in dry ingredients is your enemy and you will almost have certainly packed some of this when you sealed your containers. It's virtually impossible to exclude all moisture unfortunately, and how much is in there will ultimately determine how long they remain usuable. In my experience, it's usually OK from one season to another - probably around six months tops. Best bet is to make it up into session-sized batches and freeze it. Will last indefinitely and you can bring it out to use as and when needed. I learnt the hard way after most of a big bag of Vitalin went very mouldy and smelt absolutely awful!
  8. Nicely poised for the last day, too unpredictable to call this one! I'd feel a little more comfortable if we hadn't lost the 4th wicket just before the end, but who knows? Couple of heroes in the tail end and we just might pull it off.
  9. I still have AN on my favourites, but probably drop in less than I used to. My preferred content is some of the experiential stuff with pictures that used to grace the coarse and carp forums in much higher numbers than this year has seen. I suspect that Facebook is the more popular option now (I confess, I do partake myself) I have not fished anywhere near as much as I used to over the last couple of years, but want to change this trend next season and be back on the bank much more. I've often fancied the Wingham Fish-in, but have always been unavailable. Would prefer it to be a little bit later - say early June (16th?) Keep it up fellow A-netters
  10. Freeze it. Session-sized carrier bags full, will keep forever in the bottom of the freezer.
  11. Hearing Julian and Sandy from Round the Horne still cracks me up. Very, very funny IMHO, and extremely risqué for it's time.
  12. I watched a superb docu-drama on D Day last night (I think it was on the Yesterday channel) and it really brought home to me just how dangerous the whole operation was and how brave those young soldiers were. The scale of what took place was breathtaking and it was truly a momentous achievement. God forbid we should ever forget.
  13. As has been stated on here, the only drivers that have to be worried are those who are exceeding the legal limit. It's a law that every driver agrees to adhere to when they pass their test, so only one person to blame if you're unlucky enough to get caught. I know this, as I've been foolish enough to get caught three times; one two-week ban and two speed awareness courses later, I think I've learned my lesson now, stopped moaning about the enforcers and stay within the speed limit.
  14. Absolutely, always been in dire straits, always up against it and has been dying for many, many years now. So how does it keep going? Apart from the many dedicated professionals who do a superb job (everyone kind of agrees on that) how on earth does it keep surviving year after year? Surely something in this huge organisation must work? How on earth does it cure and send home so many people? I don't know the answers to any or all of the above, but it would be good to see a post somewhere (it's not only AN where NHS gets stick, Facebook is awash with sh*t about it) that actually praises what they achieve. It does actually do a lot of what it's designed to do (is that a surprise?) so deserves a bit of credit - doesn't it?
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