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  1. Interesting discussion. As an all-rounder, fishing all over the world,I own a lot of reels, from big game down through various multipliers (boat and surfcasting ) baitcasters, spincasters,closed face reels, fixed spools, (most with bale arms, my old Mitchell with claw pick-up) centrerpins and fly reels from #12 for tarpon down to a #2 for brooklet fishing. I had to learn to be reasonably proficient with all of them, but always concentrated on accuracy rather than distance, especially on the small freshwater waters I was brought up on. For sea fishing with multipliers i prefer ri
  2. That is exactly what I was implying in my reference to "agriculture" but the northward spread of the Great Egret is less easily explained. Its first breeding recorded in the UK was about 2012, and there have been several instances since, There may well be factors involved other than temperature change, but so far nothing credible has been suggested
  3. There has been a similar argument re cattle egrets. but that can be discounted in that cattle egrets are spreading worldwide into all sorts of wetland and agricultural habitats Towards, parallel to and away from the equator. However, the recent northward spread of the Great Egret is less easily explained except by global warming. There is no doubt that Earth is at the moment getting warmer - the climate of Earth has been changing ever since it was formed some 4.6 billion years ago - as Chesters said, sometimes getting warmer, sometimes getting cooler. Whether man can do anything a
  4. Juliet Kaplan, Actress Better known as Pearl in "Last of the Summer Wine" - wife of the hapless Howard
  5. "Come neighbours all ,both great and small , Come listen to me here, I tell of a maid who was waylaid, By a Common Marketeer He wooed her with fair promises of foreign wines and grub, Then sad to say he had his way, and left her in the club"
  6. Owned a small sailing dinghy for many years, Found that you could sail it, or fish from it , but not both at the same time ! When fishing, left sails and mast behind, pulled the centre-board up, and relied on oars.
  7. Answer to the "water in hollow plastics wagglers" Make your own wagglers from a length of peacock quill - different lengths for different shot loads They last for ever.......
  8. Robert John ("Bob") Church aged 83 Chevin and I had the privilege of fishing with Bob in the days before he became well-known for his tackle company and international fly fisherman. He was a keen coarse fisherman then, along with with his fellow members of the Northampton Specimen Group - I can remember an outing to Billing Aquadrome with some of them, including that most interesting character, Fred Wagstaffe, later of pike fishing fame. I seem well on course to be last man standing from that era, but Chevin at least is still with us AFAIK
  9. Live fauna Squid (several sorts), octopus, lobster, crab, spider crab, mussel, goose barnacle, various sea anemones, usually attached to small rock, Various bits of various jellyfish freshwater mussel, crayfish (native and signal) terrapin, saltwater crocodile. swan, great crested grebe, frog, mallard, swallow (dry fly, on backcast ) pipistrelle bat (ditto) Dead fauna Skate skeleton, rat, cat, Live flora About 10 % of that listed in Plants of the World (including most of the world's seaweeds) Dead flora Similar 10% plus many mangrove roots Inaminate T
  10. I found, at the waterside, a pair of stainless steel artery forceps which were CAMOUFLAGED. (which is presumably why the previous owner had failed to find them) Scraped the paint off, they are now gleaming silver. Find lots of fancy floats also, Keep them in my tackle box but have never found a use for them (see porcupine quill thread)
  11. My "go to" float for short range still water fishing (ie up to a couple of rod lengths) A splash of paint on the tip (fluo orange , yellow, scarlet or matt black according to background and lighting) and a slice of cycle valve rubber each end. Sorted Guaranteed to go down. Home made Quill (porcupine, peacock, goose, pigeon and crow) or cork on quill form 90% of my floats - tackle dealers eat your hearts out.
  12. WT Sea-eagles go for mullet in summer and things like turnstones and dunlin in winter - should make a few "conservationists" tick
  13. Polaris is great for fishing at range in gravel pits with many bars and hollows. Not just float legering, but float paternoster also, so that your bait is a fixed distance from the bottom, whatever the depth - a method particularly good for perch.
  14. Don;t confuse the issue with facts -their minds are made up !
  15. Vagabond


    There is an old saying about bolting horses and (unbolted) stable doors. Nobody thinks it will happen until it does.
  16. Yes , I'll drink to that, it fits with that great American trout fisher's; (John Geirach's) sagacious quote. "There are only two types of anglers - your own party, and the assholes"
  17. Does that mean you think pedal-cyclists are fair game ? I regard "bike" as applying to anything with two in-line wheels (the clue is in the original name BI-cycle) True, a motorised idiot-cyclist is an even greater hazard than one using pedal-power
  18. Indeed there is not. Quite irrelevant. I didn't mention it. I said cyclists should be road-taxed. Ie pay cess to the Revenue for riding a cycle on a public road NOTE THE USAGE OF THE LOWER CASE here and in the original post.. What the official name for this tax might be matters not a flying flicker What matters even less in this context is what taxes are levied on other road users, or what pettifogging names such taxes have. It is a politician's trick to try to change the subject and/or quibble about semantics, but it won't work here. A tax, cess or impost on anyone who rides
  19. Pretty pointless observation, as would be my recounting how many times I've had to make an emergency stop or swerve because a cyclist does something daft. By regarding cyclists as crass idiots I've probably saved about a dozen of their lives. By the way I rode a cycle from age 10 to 16, a motor cycle from age 16 to age 22, have driven a car ever since, plus tractors, minibuses, light goods vehicles and steam locomotives and towed caravans and trailers. Allied to that I have been a pedestrian for the best part of my 85 years. So I have experienced road traffic conditions from all asp
  20. Yep, just had a week there in a narrow boat. Very coloured.. Fishing not as good as in previous years, but no choice, as one has to book the boat months in advance Only managed eight species, we usually get a dozen or more.
  21. "Match weights speak for themselves." They do indeed, but what they say to me in the case you refer to, is "avoid this water" Match weights measured in hundredweights tell a story of overcrowded mud puddles crammed with hungry fish. Granted, some will always catch more than others, but this is a skill of the factory production line rather than any piscatorial ability. Matches where almost everyone catches into three figures don't seem to me to prove very much. It is a long way from the days of the stick float and a match won with 3 lb odd of roach on a difficult water,
  22. Sounds what used to be my sort of river when I was 50 years younger ! The piscatorial equivalent of a rough shoot.
  23. Back to the original thread, I keep seeing posters at road junctions, etc, urging us to "Think Bike" I cannot help but comply, adding to myself "they are too stupid to think for themselves" Perhaps the posters would have more impact if my amendment were added ?
  24. Can I remind you of a species hunt held on another Forum back in about 2006, won by my wife Norma and myself ? Outside of that, she has had some hundreds of species worldwide, topped by an Atlantic Blue Marlin tagged and returned unweighed, but estimated by our skipper as "A GOOD 900 lbs"
  25. Just back from a week on a narrow-boat. I have twenty years experience of being retired and can recommend it ! Hope you and Peggy do the same. I will continue my Wingham ticket as long as I can stagger to the bankside.
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