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Strangest catch

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I've hooked that many unexpected bits of junk I can't remember them all but my biggest one was a white plastic patio chair caught and landed on 6lb line. I've had a couple of old boots, a kettle and numerous socks, womens tampons and undergarments. Some things just can't be unhooked and I've just cut the line, preferring not to contract some new form of fatal germ !

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Was out sea fishing as a lad, hooked in to some thing and started to reel in, but every ten yards or so i would have to stop and pull in like i was snagged, throught i wass getting caught in seaweed/or kelp but when i got it in i had an octupus (probably the wrong spelling) on the end, it had been attaching itself to rocks as i reeled it in. Made for interestig unhooking, and oh boy was he less than impressed when we finally throw him back.



You were lucky it didn't bite you, octopus bite can be bl00dy painful.

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Crikey. What unnatural stuff has been put into the river/lake you fish? No nuclear power stations nearby are there?





It was caught in the bridgewater canal in Warrington - so possibly not simply a genetic mutation!

"I want some repairs done to my cooker as it has backfired and burnt my knob off."

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One strange catch I witnessed was a Barbel many years ago at Kings Weir, the hook was firmly embedded in the lip but when the captor went to unhook it the line wasn't exiting the fishes mouth it was going back down it's throat.


It seems that what must have happened was the bait had somehow entered through the gill opening and had probably then been expelled out of the mouth only for the hook to take hold in the lip. It wasn't a pretty sight and I doubt the fish survived the experience as the gill rakers were pretty badly mangled.



Another one I've just remembered from KW was a Barbel I landed which had five other hooks in it, my hook was through the eye of one of the other hooks.

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The very same thought occured to me at the same time, luckly i seem to remeber that it was hooked in one of the legs and we where able to unhook it with out to much trouble, me and mates did have to stop and look at it for a while before we worked up the courage to unkook the beast.



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It was the fish i tell you, they were talking to me !!!
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The River Thames, went fishing for pike in a nice looking spot, which turned out to be polluted,


My friend caught a black bin bag, and a tie,


I caught a nice pair of diesel sunglasses!


Once when pike fishing, there was a rotten float infront of our swim, so we gently hooked it, pulling it to find a massive pike on the other end! We didnt manage to get it in.

My PB's


[Tench-8lb] [Carp-17lb] [bream-7lb] [Pike-12lb] [Roach-1lb] [Rudd-14oz] [Crucian-2lb]

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Caught ..


An eventfull day in the 1980's on the Rochdale canal opposite the [now gone] Shopping Giant supermarket in Failsworth


A rucksack full of barcode readers


A tiny jack pike about 2" long stuck inside a milk bottle that came floating past me.


Two supermarket trolleys


A 3 pronged steel grappling hook with about 25 ft of rope still attached


..and no fish, bar the baby pike...






Rochdale canal again 1980's .. stretch near the River Irk 'underpass'


A dead jack Russell and a section of telegraph pole


.. and no fish



Huddersfield Narrow canal


A labrador in the garden of the house on the opposite bank .. no lock gates to use so I had to take a running jump over the lock to to it and get the frigger undone whilst my cousin pinned it to the ground

My cousins left nostril ...


but over 120 gudgeon so a good trip way hey !!



bit more recently....



This Christmas in Ireland



Loch Foyle


... about 10 mtrs of bog roll [used and in lengths of varying sheet number but all below legal 'keep' size so it had to go back]


A tennis ball full of mud.


A pink barbie football.. salvaged and taken home for the young'un [ not sure if I'll be getting a tap on the door from HM customs for marine salvage ]






Loch Swilly


A plastic bag full of bread....[god it fought well in the tidal rip.. took ages to land]


A 'bundle' of about 5 crabs, firmly bound together in a tangled ball of someones old trace mono[ they seemed to have given up trying to extracite themselves but would have appeared to have formed a 'Borg-like' single conciousness. ] and not easy job undo with a dozen set of pincers nipping at you.]


A flask of coffee ,my own after I foul hooked my lunch bag during the backswing of a cast and sent it into the surf.


think I've probably caught more cr@p than fish :lol:

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