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Bye bye Scottish West Highland sea-trout

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I don't think any angler in Scotland has ever taken any notice of this particular law, evidence Jims harlers.

This is a "traditional" way of fishing on Tay and Tweed and entails placing multiple rods in rod rests, sitting back and waiting for a take. It was probably in use before the "rod in hand" law was made and is obviously illegal. I would be highly amused to watch "Major Haw di Haw being lifted by the Police and carted off to the chokey :)

I still don't understand why ledgering for trout is more dangerous than ledgering for anything else :confused:

Bad fishing is bad fishing, whoever and however it is done.

When I was out breaking the law last week there was a guy down the bank with his single rod in hand. He was equipped with an 8' spinning rod, spool half filled with old 10lb line, a float the size of QE2s mooring bouy and a sprat on a size 2 treble, no landing net, no unhooking mat and no forceps (and no idea :mad: )

He was unfortunate enough to hook a smallish Pike, which I landed, unhooked and released for him (thus breaking another law probably for leaving my rods unattended!)

He was legal, I wasn't, who was doing it right?

I take all of your points about picking which law we adhere to and which one we break, but don't think it realistcally applies in this case.

BTW did you know that by law London taxis have to carry a bale of hay (for the horse)

Some laws are irrelevant and the powers that be have just not got around to repealing them so they just ignore them. This is such a case!

Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be.



Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity





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Guest Flybynight

Hi Sportsman,


I'm definitely not saying that ledgering for one species is better or worse than another. I'm no expert - its just that the fixed rod fishing I've seen in Scotland has all been worms for trout with the effects I've described. It is horrible...trout do have a tendency to take a worm down deeply with the obvious difficulties that then follow.


I too would be a paying spectator to see the major arrested :D


And yes - there are always idiots who obey the law but are more dangerous than the law breaker. Like the person who drives badly within the speed limit to use our previous example. As to right and wrong - that's a tricky question! Still doesn't make the law breaker right though...


I do know others who know more about the fixed rod law and are strong supporters though - thinking more of the worm ledgering brigade again though, rather than pike catchers and the like.


To add to your argument (and not mine): apparently it is still legal to fire a broadside at any boat flying the skull and cross bones...


But there is a definite irony in being able to pick which laws are relevant in the 'which ones I pick to break' argument!


And when you've finished selling those drugs, can we split the cash? :D





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Guest Flybynight

Off to fish from the Tomdoun for 5 days...I'll take my cut, or whatever's left of it in the bar there, or when I get back on Monday... :D



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Fbn Dont you go ledgering worms now!! It,s been a few years since I stayed in the tomdoun , I seem to remember drinking my way through the wine list one night with Tom the then owner. !!!! Have a great time, hope the fishings good, keep us informed.

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Hello Fbn as Jim says keep us informed how you get on.Its been a long time since i fished it (about ten years)i had one of those perfect fishing days on the river just as it flows in to Inchlaggan Loch,it was late September and the char were coming in to the lower river,hundreds of them tailing and finning on the surface we had several char over 4lb in weight and a lot in the 3lb bracket about fifty fish in all.All were returned bar three for the pot.An angling writer whose name i cant bear to say was also fishing for the char but not with much luck had asked if he could take pictures of the fish which was not a problem.Imagine my horror when he published the picture in his book remarking that these char were all tragically killed as they reached thier spawning season.Imagine my dismay as i flicked through the rest of the glossy pics, Ferox well in to double figures,huge pike,all fantastic fish but also all dead, but none with the tag of tragically killed as mine were.Kind of took the shine off a never to be repeated days fishing.Anyway less of this talk and have a good holiday mind and post the pics .Regards Kevin





Did you know that fish did not smell till women started swimming in the sea.

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ferox fisher:

he published the picture in his book remarking that these char were all tragically killed as they reached thier spawning season.

Well, what did you expect ? A certain class of angling writer "sometimes takes a fish for the pot", whereas we peasants "tragically kill" fish.


In either case the fish is just as dead (and therefore just as unlikely to spawn demon ) but its all in the writing style "old bey"


You shared a fantastic catch of char - don't let that elitist comment spoil the memory.



RNLI Governor


World species 471 : UK species 105 : English species 95 .

Certhia's world species - 215

Eclectic "husband and wife combined" world species 501


"Nothing matters very much, few things matter at all" - Plato

...only things like fresh bait and cold beer...

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Guest Flybynight

Had an absolutely fantastic trip, which was rounded off by a day catching sea trout down at kinloch Hourn. Stuffed with them the day we were there. We were trying to catch mackerel on lures, but took sea trout in abundance as well - to 3.5 lbs.


The trout fishing was fantastic as well: the river Garry in particular, with the Bob Wyatt deer hair sedge doing the business as usual.


I'll be back....





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