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Ever since my army cadet days I have used a British army 58 sleeping bag for camping, mountain work and fishing.

An absolute workhorse it has been.

But alas it has gone missing and I suspect the missis chucked it out as it was well passed its sell-by date and only half filled with down!!!!!!!!!!!

try getting hold of a '48 american mountain one ,luvvly and warm ,great zip just open it up and put it over you, you can be at your pod in a second.

in my "yoof" when camping out (over imbibing at pub was a regular occurence so i slept near the pub till morning) i used my 58 brit bag as a underblanket to stop the cold coming up from the ground ,compared to the '48 thats all its fit for.

still got both (although the fabrics getting very fragile) but i cant use them camping (wife says they stink ) so we use modern ones


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Honestly look at getting a surplus or unissued PLCE Sleeping System, it is excellent.

The MOD spent a lot of money developing the best sleeping bag they could and it is light years ahead of the old 58 system.

I must admit the latest ultralight mountain bags will probably have a better thermal performance and they do pack to next to nothing like down, but they perhaps are not as suitable for fishing.

I have never rated the sleeping bags made by the tackle manufacturers, Big, Bulky, Heavy and Poor thermal performance for their weight.


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ray carper:

nash frostbite 5 sleeping bag.

the absolute dogs wotsits

actually woke up sweating the first time i used this bag in march. and  it was minus 2 outside the bivvy.

One of the problems with a bag that's suitable for cold nights is that it's often too warm in summer. My solution is to use a lightweight sleeping bag plus a JRC Bedchair Cover. For my field test of the latter see http://anglers-net.co.uk/reviews/jrc-bed-cover.htm


I can then use either (the JRC cover is excellent by itself on warm nights) or both together to regulate the amount of warmth needed. I use the same system with my clothing. As the Eskimos found several layers are warmer than one.


You could of course use 2 sleeping bags in cold weather, one inside the other, rather like the all season duvets. These consist of 4.5 & 9 tog duvets. You can use both at once to get a rating of 13.5 tog, or by themselves to give 3 different combinations.

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hi yer dan


they was doing them on a special when i bought my one paid 79.99

just had a look at their website now £99


as for being too hot in the summer just take the fleece liner out. sorted

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Received wychwood system and cover this morning and it looks / feels like a top piece of kit.

The plce does look good and I had I not got the wychwood system so cheap (rrp140.00 paid 30.00) I would of considered one as apposed to a 58



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As soon as I can find where the wife has 'tidied' mine to, I'll let you know which one it is!

Mine's the Fishrite Challenger. I love it - I rarely actually get in it, preferring to drape it over me instead.

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