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monkey beats up tiger

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That was so funny Andy. The tigers were well miffed. One clever,agile,daft,funloving monkey.

Thanks. Will watch it agian now



Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



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Tis a Gibbon rather than a monkey.

I watched a Black Gibbon do buch the same thing to a maccaque in Borneo 18 months ago. Both animals were young but the speed and agility of the gibbon was driving the maccaque absolutely buggo.

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Don't ever mess with monkeys.


Back in the late 1970s, whilst camping beside a south India mahseer river (me and a girlfriend, for ten to twelve weeks, in a tiny tent), a big, male Bonnet macaque broke into said tent, whilst we were out fishing, then broke into my rucsac, and found a 1000-yard bulk spool of 20-odd pound Sylcast mono...


Male Bonnet macaques, by the way, have: a) attitude, and B) very large teeth (which they know how to use...)


Sack over heavily line-trussed monkey's head, first (with some difficulty and with much screaming from the monkey and from the two of us)


Twenty minutes of judicious line-cutting ensued, with the monkey becoming ever more mobile and more dangerous...


Finally, after many scratches from its vicious fingernails / claws I told my girlfriend, "I am going to remove the sack from its head next. As I do so, RUN!"


We ran like the devil in one direction, with Mr Monkey going the other way, both parties eventually turning to gibber, snarl and gesticulate rudely at each another...


As I said, don't mess with monkeys.


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