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Least favourtie fish

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Bootlace eels



Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

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If it wasn't for pike most coarse fish wouldn't last long in a natural environment so how anyone can dislike them is beyond me. But...


If I had to choose one fish I disliked the most it would be Roach.


They are the most annoying species ever and devour the baits I put out for Tench when I'm in the mood.


Don't get me wrong, a 2lb+ fish is a welcome catch, but I wish they were born that large instead of the tiny 4" fish I get taking my luncheon meat and corn meant for Tench!


Oh..and eels, they poo on you.


I don't like moray eel's either but for a different reason. If anyone has ever caught one, you'll know what I mean.


And angler fish are kind of scary too.


Whilst not a fish, Octopus aren't my favourite either. Up in Carradale over deep (ish) water, I had one take a fish bait and cling to the boat for about an hour until I beat it off with an oar.


Come to think of it, there really are quite a few fish I dislike. But when I'm about to blank, I'd be happy with a Mako shark on double maggot if I could land it.



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The poor old carp get a lot of bad press. It's not their fault that they have changed the face of modern angling. Another case of the minority spoiling things for the majority.

Can't be doing with eels though.

Unc F

P.S. why don't eels have names too? (or are they all Eric?)

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Pike are great fish. Anglers would be more annoyed if a disease totally wiped out a species in an area, than they are when a nasty pike comes along and spoils their roach / match / silverfish swim.


The pike do a great job in feeding on the diseased and unwell fish, stopping diseases from spreading so much.


They are also great fighters and how some people can't have respect for them is beyond me.


Also, how more annoyed would people be with minnows if pedunkle wasn't there to hoover them up too.


I don't dislike any fish, apart from those that get away!


[ 15. June 2005, 12:18 PM: Message edited by: BoozleBear ]


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Guest Ferret1959

Daddy ruff.

I don't dislike them and I think they are attractive little fish but when you forget how to handle them you soon get a sharp reminder. :(



Who was it who didn't like carp cos they are full of boilies????????????

Muppet. :rolleyes:

Not all of them matey. :)

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