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Fishing by push bike

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Over the last two season I have often gone out fishing using my push bike as my primary mode of transport. Finding it ideal for nipping from swim to swim along the Norwich city sections of the Wensum, and venturing further a field to the sections of the Yare and Bure that are accessible from the bank. Most of my fishing is with lures and I have a variety of rods ranging from a 6 ft single piece Jerkbaiting rod, four piece 10ft spinning rod, and two piece 12 ft deadbaiting rods. The four piece is broken down and strapped to my ruc-sac when cycling, and the 6 ft and 12 ft are strapped to the cross bar, along with my 6ft long landing net handle. I prefer to have about 1 ft sticking out beyond the handlebars, and the rest sticking out over the back wheel.

I have a bag wth a map pouch fixed to my handlebars which contains my wet weather gear, and a puncture repair kit, the rest of my fishing tackle, sandwiches and flask are carried in my ruc-sac on my back. This is a very effective and efficient method for covering several miles of river bank in a day.



I do like the bicycle rod holder from Basspro that Peter Waller has posted in this thread. However, a word of caution; I would prefer to fix this type of bracket to my front forks, rather than the rear ones. Firstly, with your rod mounted at the front of the bicycle, you don't have to worry about trying to get your leg over when mounting and dismounting, and a made up rod pointing upwards, and in your line of sight is less likely to be damaged by tree branches, etc. Even so, I have still managed to prune 4 inches fro a 6 ft spinning rod by contact with the gated archway near to the Cow Tower in Norwich.

Regards from Gareth.
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The exage tele spinning rod may not be the best quality wise, but for fold up size, i dont think there is any smaller. At 30cm folded length it will fit in any backpack, and coupled with a small landing net and tele handle, i can ride my bike for 6 miles to a club stream and fish happily, if not 100% effectively (the rod is a couple of feet too short) for grayling and chub.Best of all, i am only carrying a medium sized backpack, leaving both hands free for the handlebars with no obstructionI am looking for a way to attach my avon rod to my backpack though.....Peter, which foldable net do you have if you dont mind me asking? :)

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A great idea I saw from someone was to just use sticky tape (insulating type stuff) to attach the rod to the frame. This way you don't have to faff around with string etc and other complicated methods of attachment. Just snip it off when you arrive. Obviously you'll have to take a roll with you for the return journey!


A bit wasteful but a nice no-nonsense, hassle-free way of doing it.

The best time to fish is when you have a chance.

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If it is a rod just for float fishing don't bother with a spinning rod there are a number of decent multi-piece or telescopic float rods out there, which are far better suited to the task.


Look at the Shakespeare Mach 1 or the Fladen Travel match both 13' with the Fladen slightly heavier for carp chub tench etc.

Shimano do a couple of very nice telematch rods as does Shakespeare.

For a more general rod I see that the John Wilson Avon is also available as a multi-piece rod these days.






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I've ordered the Exage via my local tackle shop a while back andit still hasn't arrived. It was the same with the small spinning reel I ordered. Shimano seem to have a very bad order forfilment service. I had to get the John Wilson Travel Avon for this last trip, but to be honest I found it a bit stiff - I had a couple of bumped off large roach and a 5lb line snap on a 6-10lb carp, the rod didn't seem to absorb the lunges as nicley as my match rod.


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Had a chat with a fishing friend today and have been lent his Shimano telescopic spinning rod, 1.65m with a 3-15g casting weight. Ive got a smallish reel laying around (Alivio 1000rb, 140yds x 4lb) is this going to be suitable for the rod? I really want to target peerch with this setup, sooo what else do I need? Current thoughts are

Trace (could get jumped by a pike) what strenght?

Line, brade or mono, what strength?

Spoons / plugs. Any suggestions on types and weights.



I have the other basics such as forceps, wire cutters, etc. Have also been searching through the vaious threads on here, and reading up on pike handling, just in case.





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You wanna do what I do then!


I don't use telescopic rods and know very little about them but I have found that those elastic Z-strap things, a crossbar and a 7/8 foot *robust* spinning rod (like the UglyStick, Grauvelle or St Croix) work very well. I've had bad/expensive experiences with less robust rods and my crossbar (like the Drennan Spinflex).


I generally keep my rod tackled up but split (i.e on crossbar with line/reel and lure) whilst hurtling down the roads and along the river banks. If I come across a section of the river that needs more fishing and less travelling I keep the rod unsplit and just hold it in my hand whilst hurtling along the path to the next swim.


Top tip: try to keep lure away from any sensitive parts of the body whilst cycling... i.e. if the rod is Z-strapped to the crossbar the lure is best kept towards the handelbars, and not near the seat where it is more likely to end up embedded in ones leg (as one of mine did after a particularly long stay at the pub - http://www.anchorinnandboating.co.uk).


There are velcro alernatives to the Z-strap. The Friendly Fisherman in Tunbridge Wells sells some online (ET range)... but they are a bit expensive to lose in the dark along a river/lake.... unlike Z-straps...




That's the way to do it


I usually cycle down to the river with my holdall under one arm (cycling one handed & changing gears) and my rucksack with all my kit on my back.


Once you get rolling it's fine but getting going can be quite difficult.


I'm still waiting for my Spinflex to break MC so I can treat myself to a new spinning rod!

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Fenix, until I was old enough to drive I spent nearly all my spare time cycling about going fishing. Even after getting my first car I would sometimes cycle instead, especially to places where you either couldn't or wouldn't want to park a car, or where being able to cycle along a riverbank to remote spots meant it was actually quicker and easier than driving and then walking.


You don't need any specialised kit at all. I certainly wouldn't go out and buy telescopic or multi-piece rods just because I was cycling. Even a 12ft 2-piece rod (or two or three of them) can be tied easily to the crossbar with a couple of shoelaces or thick bits of string, ditto landing net handles and rod rests. Everything else can go in a bag or rucksack on your back.


Ditch the holdall and chair and you're away.

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There is a major disadvantage inbuilt into tele rods - the tip ring and the next ring are too far apart (leads to tip-wrap tangles, in turn leading to high blood pressure <_< ) I used to tape an extra ring on each time I set up, but taking it off again when you pack up is a pain.





This was my answer to the lack of rings on telescopic rods, it may look a bit crude but it really works ace


I used paper clips, make your ring, then twist the tails around the rod on a thinner bit than you want it to be at, then you slide it down to where you want it and it grips the rod, "perfic"






I must be doing something right, I'm still alive

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