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Fishing by push bike

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I am quiet lucky that I live close enough to my club waters to get there by push bike, with the river season looming in the near future I fancy leaving the car at home and taking the bike, having a couple of pubs on route also makes the bike rather tempting. Being a relaxed fisherman (ie not very good at the catching of fish side of things) I gravitate more toward mobile float fishing than setting up camp in a fixed location, most of my tackle lives in my waistcoat to aid mobility.


So onto the meat of the question, I have have some of the components for my plan, mainly the bike, centrepin reel, etc. But my current rods are a little on the long side for cycling the country lanes of Kent, I also fancy having a bash at light spinning so possibly a lightweight spinning reel. Lastly some kind of landing net handle, are there any good take down ones out there that will work with my current spoon type net.


After a bit of searching on the world wide wibbly web the Shimano Exage STC series seems to be mentioned fairly often as a good compact travel unit, although I do fancy the simplicity of a telescopic setup.





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get down to aldi'es they have there telescopic rods and landing net and stool/rucksack




might not be the best rods but it'd give you the chance to try it out ,then you could get a better rod later .


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Guest Rabbit

Harrison do a superb 1.5 test curve Avon 11' 4 piece. Under the Perrigrine logo, this rod would do for spinning carp, pike, barbel and float fishing too. Its a bit more than the Aldi rods , but this rod is quality and should last a lifetime. The Aldi kit is rubbish...sorry, but they are only good enough for the runner beans. :D

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Looking at spending in the £50-100 area on the rod, will have a look at the Harrisom.


Really looking to avoid going the trailor router, will have to carry it all once I get to the other end!!

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the Shimano Exage STC series seems to be mentioned fairly often as a good compact travel unit, although I do fancy the simplicity of a telescopic setup.



There is a major disadvantage inbuilt into tele rods - the tip ring and the next ring are too far apart (leads to tip-wrap tangles, in turn leading to high blood pressure <_< ) I used to tape an extra ring on each time I set up, but taking it off again when you pack up is a pain.


I do a lot of travelling, and since the advent of decent multipiece travel rods such as the Exage range (and many others) I have consigned all my tele rods to the dustbin.



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Check out the exage spinning rods. Not great as a spinning rod, but it suffices - same as a float rod - same as a ledger rod.

As to landing nets. I agree about the Aldi/Lidl nets. Just the job they are.


Seriously, the exage will do all three jobs reasonably well.

If you're after a straight spinning rod, have a look at the TFO option or if you want a heavier rod, look at the Ocean Master available from RokMax.

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Will go Aldi hunting on Sunday for the net, rod wise will give my local shops a bell to see if any of them stock the exage. Time o service the nike and possibly add panniers to it!!

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The Aldi brolly looks good, climb aboard your 'nike', open the brolly and hope for a tail wind!


It really is a case, I think, of least is best. If you add panniers then you are tempted to fill 'em. I never have subscribed to the 'take the tackle shop with me when I go angling' syndrome. I know where I am going so I take what I need, not what I might need and know darn well what I won't use. Brolly, no, government surplus poncho. Landing net is a collapsible game type net. Tackle carriers are a well loaded waist coat and a shoulder bag and a simple quiver. Bivvies and pods don't even enter into the equation! In some places I have to push my bike to the bank so I keep the weight off the bike and onto me, I find that best.

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