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What was your Worst XMAS prezzie ever.

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A Bucks Fizz album from my Auntie in the 80's. Believe it or not I was the lucky one, my sister recieved a Shawaddywaddy (sp?) one!!


Going the opposite way, my OH received a book this year with the title 'Is it just me or is everything sh*t?' :lol:

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This year I was given a green fleece.


Excellent you may think, just the right colour for fishing. Problem is I now have 4 ! I now have to remember who gave me which so that when I visit . . we'll you get the picture !!


A few years ago in our office's Secret Santa . . I was give a pink hair brush.


Not once have I been given the device for getting stones out of horses hooves, all my angling mates have several - No . . don't take that as a hint.

Andrew Boyd

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My mum bought me a pair of trainers in a closing down sale, just before Christmas.


I opened the box on Christmas day to find the left trainer was a size 11 and the right trainer is a size 10!! The shop has completely closed down and so the trainers can't be returned. :(


I put them on for a giggle. I'm a size 10.5 so the right trainer was too small and the left trainer was a little large. My mum commented that it didn't notice that they were different sizes and said that I'd probably get away with it!!! :huh::unsure::huh:


Never mind, eh?! :)

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My worst came on last Wednesday - just four days before Christmas Day - when my beloved bull terrier Penfold died suddenly! :(:(


Sorry to hear that Chevin, lost one of my little Belgian Griffons last February, still think of her every day :(

Thats the trouble with dogs they steal your hearts.

Take care



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Mine was 11 years ago when my then girlfriend gave me a bottle of poteen from her local village moonshiner in Co. Cavan, Ireland. At the time I thought it was a fantastic present - but a mate and me polished it off in one session (it was a litre bottle) and then went to our local pub. The next thing I remember was waking up in a police cell, sore as hell and battered and bruised. According to witnesses me and chummy had a falling out. This escalated into a fight in which several friends tried to stop us. Four friends became ex friends, two windows in the pub got broken, we both received lifetime bans from our favorite pub and both got charged with criminal damage. We were blooming lucky not to get charged with more!

I will never drink the stuff again - and if you do, be bloody careful!! :wacko:

....Here's to swimming with bow-legged women....



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