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Best fly line between £30 and £50


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The problem with Airflo floaters is memory, they coil up like a spring.

Their sinking line are quite good though

Still can't see past this one at any price



ok, fair point it has a lot of memory, i'd noticed that, but, i do like the line (after a while of casting it sorts itself out)


might take your recomendation for next year ;)

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Just noticed this thread showing up in the search logs.


TackleBargains have recently added a load more fly lines, and are always worth a look. Click here.

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Funny this should come up - since I started fly fishing, I've spent a few quid on lines - I'd have spent less if I'd taken the advice here, bitten the bullet and bought the Snowbee XS lines I now have. Not cheap, but worth it.

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take a look here-

tested one of these floaters a while back before they were let loose on the market and have since invested in three more,excellent value and great service.


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Hi everyone!


I' am not looking for the best fly line but vor the best fly fishing reels. I hope someone can give me advice even though I'm in the "wrong" part of the forum..

My name is James and I will start fly-fishing this year. I already bought some equipment but especially the range of fly fishing reels is confusing me... :help:

One of my mates recommended Z-Reels (http://www.z-reels.de/home.html) but before buying one I'd just like to make sure that it is the right choice..

Does anyboby know Z-Reels? Any experience? Any comments? Anybody knows where I can buy them in the UK?

Thanks for your help..



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