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Your favorite species?

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I think largemouth bass followed closely by flathead catfish and carp running a close 3rd.


But then I don't have the UK critters available (or musky either for that matter - too far south for them).


I like largemouth too, but you guys can grow 'em down there. Ours top out at about 5-6 pounds, mostly catching in the 2-4 pound range. I like their feistiness and the fact the jump clear out the water on their runs. I have yet to chase flatheads and carp they way I would like to.


Dave D

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I love 'em all but the sight of a huge Bream slab coming to the net is a sight you'll never forget. Closely followed by Perch, Tench and Rudd

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zander also run close second(like walleye) not caught many but they are a fascinating fish over here,not alot is known about them ,they still have a bit of mystery to them. they look like a proper predator too!


Interesting note about the zander/walleye similarity:

Minnesota's official state fish is the walleye, so that is what most anglers/diners are gaga over most. As a very palatable and abundant species most fisherman will keep their limit to eat if they are small to medium (generally 1 to 4 lbs.). Large ones are typically returned after a picture. Walleye is on the menu on almost every restaurant that serves fish. Funny thing is that a local news crew found out it wasn't always walleye - often the restaurant had replaced it with zander! Restaurants now have to disclose to diner whether the fish they are eating is zander or walleye, not that there is any difference in the taste. For some reason unbeknownst to me, zander is actually cheaper to buy here than walleye, even though (I believe) it's imported! I think it's partly because the folks marketing walleye know if walleye fisherman are willing to drop loads of cash to land just a few of them, they'd be willing to fork over a few more bucks to have them at a restaurant as well.


Dave D

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Gentlemen -


The score thus far:


Pike - 6

Perch - 4

Tench - 3

Roach - 1

Mullet - 1

Chub - 1

Bream - 1

Eel - 1

Freshwater shark(?) - 1 (Marginmaster, are you yanking my yankee leg? Or perhaps referring to outside UK freshwater species?)

Multispecies/Dependsonseason/Dependsonlocation/yadayada - 7 (Truly, I understand the hesitance to name a favourite - I'm apt myself to give the old reply, "the one at the end of my line" ;) )



For the participating Americans:

Largemouth Bass - 1

Muskellunge - 1




Dave D

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One of my mates has got a remote control shark fin, many a laugh has been had at the expense of other anglers wetting a line on the local gravel pits !!! Favourite real species are Wild Carp. Marginmaster

LOL - I'm sure lines aren't the only thing they're wetting! :D I'll fix yours on the next tally and I'll have to keep an eye out for one of those toys on e-bay!


Dave D

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I apologize if this has been already asked, but what is your favorite species of freshwater fish to catch and why? I'd like to learn more about the species in the UK. My favorite here is the mighty muskellunge. Large, toothy and hard to catch.


Dave D.


Right, this is a difficulty one. Got me to thinking "If fish were women, who would they be?" My sick, twisted mind has come up with this:


Roach - Universally popular, sleek and silver-blue. Its delicate, almost feminine features, the perfect mouth - It's got to be Kylie!


Perch - Feisty, aggressive, colourful, like a spunky punk princess posing down the Kings Road and sticking her tongue out at the tourists. Souxsie and the Banshees.


Tench - Dusky beauties. Like some well-rounded Carribean babe you see sashaying down the road on a hot summer morning. Where does she go in winter? Who knows, but you don't see her again until the late spring. Has she put on a bit around the hips?


Pike - Despite the rather obvious "Mother-in-law" similarities, I see them like this: All quvering intensity, waiting to strike like some well-stacked femme fatale, sitting on a bar stool waiting for the first mug punter to try his luck. Beware of her!!


Carp - Difficult one this. The way I see it, there are 2 varieties. There's the sleek, lean classic English beauty with it's 50's film star lines. On the other hand, there's the fat, bloated sort that are much in evidence today (the anglers AND the fish). A creature who has gone to pot for sure. "Two Tone" caught 3 times in a month - giving it away to all and sundry like the local slapper! So you've 'ad 'er lads? Is it worth boasting about?


What do you think? Do you agree, or am I just a sick b**tard!

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"Two Tone" caught 3 times in a month - giving it away to all and sundry like the local slapper! So you've 'ad 'er lads? Is it worth boasting about?



And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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In Australia, these seem to be the 'Holy Grail' of fish, the barramundi



Followed by the murray cod and yellowbelly (golden perch)




Cheers, Bobj.

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