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2015 Rutland zander fish-in

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I usually use 3/0 if I can get them, if not 4/0. 5/0 is a bit big but OK. The main issue with the bigger hooks is the thickness of the wire.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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I thought I suffered this particular fool long enough. Firstly I said I did not wish to discuss anything and "please leave". That didn't work, so I suggested he was in need of psychiatric help, and

What annoyed me most was that I was being preached at whilst still groggy from an operative procedure (they inject a lot of radio-opaque dye which causes visual migraine, mild hallucinations, and obvi

Norma and I are up for another go at the zander................. and at the curry !

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Yes it did get rather blowy at the end of last year's day didn't it...! If the forecast is to be believed, this year should be dry with light winds :)


Fox are now only doing a few of the above colours (salt n pepper, gold glitter, lemon tiger and I think hot olive), all the rest have been discontinued. That's why I've been buying up any remaining packets! I thought I had them all but then found a few remaining packets in Germany :)


I think maybe the colours I haven't done so well on will work in certain conditions, and I just haven't worked them out yet. The bright sparkly ones certainly seem to work best on sunny days, and the dull solid colours best on cloudy days, so I expect there's either a type of day or time of day/year where those colours work.


Perch can be funny with lure colours too. Many times I've had a perch or two from a spot on a lure and then it goes quiet, but a change to the same lure but a different colour then produces another fish or two.



Being honest I enjoyed that bit of excitment at the end, glad it was at the end and not at the start though :).


Regarding the perch being funny with lures, I think the same applies to all species wether it be lures or bait. The perch in the local canal will have a go at a spinner for a few casts but then they won't touch it, change the spinner to a slightly different one and they're onto it again, but for a few casts only and so on until they just blank everything. Only thing that works then is to leave them alone for a spell or move on to fresh pastures.


Strange how fox stopped making the full range of coloures, maybe they just weren't selling enough of the discontinued colours to warrant making them. I think savage do some nice colours amongst their ranges.

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I've always assumed when fish stopped taking a certain colour and then will take another to be caused by the fish becoming wary after ether taking the first lure and realising it wasn't a real fish or seeing other members of the shoal getting hooked on that lure. I have seen it with single pike as well, they take the first lure which doesn't hook up for some reason and they won't take it again, switching to a different colour seems to make them think it is a different fish and it is safe.


Porbably a load of different ways to interpret the behaviour though :-)

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I won't be around to answer questions much after Wednesday evening, so I'm copying info from page 1 here as a reminder:


The nearest postcode is LE15 8HD. Address is Normanton Road, South Shore, Edith Weston.

When you get there
Press at the barrier for a ticket to let you in. Follow the road down to the right, the marina and lodge is then down on your left. There are a few parking spots down by the boats, if those are full there are plenty of others nearby.
Make sure you take your parking ticket into the lodge when getting your fishing ticket - they will validate it which lets you leave at the exit barrier later (so the parking is free).

Boat bookings and payment
All boats will be booked under my name but you will need to pay on the day in the lodge. The cost of boat hire plus predator permit for 2 anglers sharing a boat is £60, so about £30 each. When paying for your boat you'll be asked to provide a mobile number in cases of emergencies.
Life jackets are mandatory and are provided for free.

The lodge opens at 8am, so I suggest met all meet by the lodge at about 7.30-7.45am so we can sort out who needs what gear, etc. The fishing is until dusk, which changes as the days get shorter. I guess about 6-6.30pm, but we'll be told on the day. We can arrange a time on the day to meet back at the lodge and debrief!

Boat partners
Anderoo + Tigger

Rob Ward + mate
Kappa + Steve Walker
JV44 + Rusty
Alex + Matthew Simmons



I'll PM you all my mobile just in case!

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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I would have thought the 4/0 jig wouldn't go far enough down the shad..... ordered some anyway. I guess with a stinger they are fine


That just cost me more money :-(


I think a smaller, finer wire hook near the head plus a little stinger is ideal. When they're feeding well they tend to hit the head of the lure (or just fold the whole thing up in their mouths) and when they're not they tend to nip at the tails. Either way you're covered. A big, heavy gauge hook can have difficulty sticking in their bony mouths.


And yes, it can end up being a bit of a money pit :) (The 3 packets of lures I have coming from Germany are costing me £35, if I could get them here they'd be £15...!)

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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My mates name is Dave Mumford btw.


His rod turned up and must have had a defective blank, it shattered into three pieces when he tied his fluoro leader on and pulled to test the knot. He's asked the supplier for a replacement but there's a chance it may not be here on time. Is there still a spare rod he can borrow if necessary please?





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Ok, summarising who's borrowing what - please shout if anythings wrong:


Errrm - rod and reel from anderoo, drogue from anderoo


Robs mate - rod and reel from kappa


Kappa and Steve walker - drogue from anderoo, fishfinder from anderoo


Jv44s fishfinder isn't working so won't have a spare to lend to Errrm.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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