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Bure Perfection 3-10-15


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Launched around 10am and paddled downstream into the Marina's. A couple of friends of mine have opened a shop so I snuck into their river facing garden and scrounged a cuppa.
For those interested, the shop is Bass Online and run by Andrew and Steve Burgess in Horning. Top blokes and their shop is well stocked with anything you might need. I'll keep on trying to get them to delve into our world a bit and stock stuff that'd be particularly useful for us. Found Glyns' calling, too. Makes a decent cuppa!

After a long chat and many admiring remarks about my Viking, I made my way upstream, trolling a heavy 6" SP and a new addition to my lure box, an MH Alphabet Wakebait. Nice and chubby and runs aroun 2-3' down at a slow pace. Perfect for the broads.



Love the kiwi style rod holder set-up for broads trolling, too. Loads easier to see a take, easy to reach and allows me to relax knowing my lures are not out to my sides.

Had 3 Perch in the area of the launch on my light rod, all 3 falling to a 2" Reno Killer. Nothing of any size, but fun size nonetheless.
Then I turned back into the flood and trolled my way back downstream.


The MH rod bucks and I'm into my first Pike of the day. Decent size. Scraper/low double. Bugger, wrong net. Not big enough. Without fanfare I bring her to the side and gripping the bend of the hook with my pliers, let her unhook herself.
The day's already great!
Was probably my biggest kayak Pike to date but being ill equipped means few if any pics today. I rushed it.


Still chastising myself, I slowly chugged along and the MH rod bucks again, then creaks and tries to wallop me in the head.
Oh Crap! This is BIG.
She stays deep, slow, purposeful shakes and smooth powerful runs to the overhanging copse. I keep the rod low, clutch smoothly giving line at an alarming rate as she steams off.
Note to self, bring a mudweight next time!


I follow her side on into the copse, rod river side and doubled up under the hull. Sod it, I'm already here. I launch the paddle into the bushes just as she decides botany isn't her strong suit and ditches the copse in favour of the main channel.


The fight changes, she broaches as she arcs up. My stomach lurches as I realise her size and two words float across my mind. NO NET.

For once, holidaymakers on their boats keep out of my way and give us a wide berth. She seems to like the sunlight and drama and thrashes powerfully mid stream. A child shouts melodramatically but fittingly about a crocodile.
She's slowing now, not giving up but grudgingly conceeding. I know I have to to make sure she's beaten as I'm going to have to chin her, so I walk the line between beating and exhausting her.


Twice she is drawn to the side of the kayak, and twice she digs deep for spirited but short runs. I start talking to her.
Be nice. Let me get that horrible pointy thing out of your face. Lets not make this any harder, shall we.


I see the belly treble nicked into the skin outside her mouth and flick it out. She makes a final bid and fails. The tail treble is well embedded.




Ever so gently, I have a few slow but firm attempts at chinning her. She resists but carefully, I get a good grip. So much to grip! My mate Tonys' voice tells me to rotate my wrist. Her mouth pops open and I unhook her promptly. Textbook.
I can feel her pulse in her jaw as I unhook her. It feels strong. Good.
One more pic.




Sorry old girl. Need to take your stats.
Tape measure is already out along my leg. 98cm. Wow.
I pick her up in the sling, making sure her head is fully supported. Her tail beyong the anal fin hangs out as I weigh her. It bounces around 21lb. I minus the wet sling and round out the bounce. I call it 20lb 9oz.


She goes back so strongly, too. I expected some time to pass but as soon as her gills get wet, so do I! There's no hanging on to her.


Slowly I sort myself out. The other rod is slightly tangled. Methodically I get it sorted, the fight on autoplay in my head. My arms tingle from the rush. I cast out again and troll back to the launch. I get a Jack. On the MH lure. Again.


Awesome. I can't wait to tell everyone.



On a mates handmade lure.

In a Kayak.

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This Years' Targets:- As many species by lure as possible. Preferably via Kayak. 15lb+ Pike on Lure...

Species Caught 2012- Pike, Perch.

Kayak Launches- Fresh-8 Salt- 0

Kayak Captures- 14 Pike, 1 Perch.


My Website and Blog Fishing Blog, Fishkeeping Information and BF3 Guide.

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Sounds great Renrag. I envy you.

Hope all is well with Budgie. Give him my regards if you see him

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Great write up Renrag, sounds like a top session.

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Steve and Andrew are in fine fettle :)


Thanks guys! :D

This Years' Targets:- As many species by lure as possible. Preferably via Kayak. 15lb+ Pike on Lure...

Species Caught 2012- Pike, Perch.

Kayak Launches- Fresh-8 Salt- 0

Kayak Captures- 14 Pike, 1 Perch.


My Website and Blog Fishing Blog, Fishkeeping Information and BF3 Guide.

Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue

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Nice one, and glad to hear Budgie and Andrew are doing well.

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