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Roach fishing - Lechlade

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I met a guy today who assured me that the place (in my neck of the woods) to go for reliable roach fishing at this time of year is the Thames at Lechlade. He said you go over a hump-back bridge and there's a pub or cafe there right next to the river that sells day tickets.


I'd hate to drive up there and find he's out of date. Does anyone know the name of the pub/cafe he's talking about?

john clarke

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I think he he means the Trout Inn John. it is very good there and also chub are not bad either. If you fancy a change of sport you could indulge in a bit of Ferret racing at the pub. If you are planning a trip let me know, you could bring some ofthat special cheese for the chub :D

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Could be the Trout Inn, though I've never seen anyone fishing from their side of the river; do they own the rights for the other side?


John, the Trout Inn is where the Thames goes under the A417, Here



Alternatively, could be where the A361 crosses the Thames. I think it's likely to be this one, since it's much more of a humpback than the bridge by the Trout is.




There is a marina, and I think a cafe of some sort:




If it is day ticket, I wouldn't mind giving it a go myself.

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I might join you! I'd like to do some proper roach fishing. My bit of the Thames is a bit hit and miss - not that I've put the hours in.

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Right, I've just been down there in my lunch break. There is definitely day ticket fishing where the A361 crosses the Thames. You buy tickets from the pub on the opposite bank, or on the bank. The pub is called "The Riverside". They're £3/day or £10/season and the pub opens at 7:30am (it does breakfasts too!). I had a chat with a couple of anglers who were packing up, they'd not had much, blaming the cold night and bright day, but they've done well recently. Roach, chub and bream were mentioned. I've no doubt there are perch too.


The section they were fishing is deep, about 8 feet close in. Nearer to the road, it appears to have a marginal shelf about a rod length wide and about 18'' deep, before shelving off into a boat channel which I suspect has some decent depth. I could certainly see myself running a stick float down the edge of with the 'pin, anyway.


I took a few photos:









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