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  1. River Roding near Buckhurst Hill station, small river, quite pretty along that stretch, some nice fish. You could also use Redbridge Station although the river is less aesthetically pleasing along that stretch it is a bit wider and can hold some decent roach and chub. River Lee/Lee Navigational Canal near Tottenham Hale, all species including Carp and Pike, although not an overly pretty place to fish. Water is no more than 10-15 minutes walk (if laden with tackle) in any of the above.
  2. The canal where I sometimes fish is crawling with rats, I don't mind so much if I'm fishing on the "concrete" side as I know that they are just moving around in the bushes behind me. If I fish on the "field" side though where there is plenty of bushes all around it does sometimes sound as if they are co-ordinating some sort of ambush. Perhaps reading James Herberts Rats trilogy when I was young has made me a bit more nervous than I should be. At another spot on the same canal I have also seen a hanging man. He'd hung himself off an old riverside crane. It was only in the daylight the
  3. I've still got one in my tackle bag. Can't remember ever actually using it. What was supposed to be the advantage in it compared to an ordinary feeder? I can't remember, must have been convincing though if I put my hand in my pocket for one.
  4. Fair point Vagabond regarding braided line, bite alarms and boilies being around BUT how widespread was their use? Were they things that you expected every angler to have even heard of let alone have? I doubt it back then whereas now I would be surprised if any angler didn't have/hadn't used at least one of those three.
  5. Whilst not especially affecting my personal fishing I think the following have changed fishing significantly over the last 30 years: Introduction of boilies. The huge increase in single species specilisation, especially Carp fishing. Bite alarms Single rod licence Abolition of Close season on still waters and canals.
  6. As I understand it you can also get some half decent perch and plenty of jack pike too from there.
  7. Usually just coffee as tea tastes so awful from a flask. Try to make it hot, sweet and milky. For cold drinks I always have a bottle of coke with me too. A few years ago I went fishing with David Beckham, I offered him a bit of my coffee from my flask and he said "What's that?" "It's a Thermos flask," I said. "What's it do?" He asked, he'd obviously never seen one before. "Well, it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, it's really useful when you are out fishing." I replied. A couple of years later we went fishing together again and I noticed that he'd been out an
  8. I concur, Roach/Bream looks most likely.
  9. Loving the scenic landscaping! Ridiculous. Can't believe they've the cheek to ask a tenner a day.
  10. It'd be difficult to fly fish the navigational canal as the towpath is so busy with walkers, cyclists etc that you would have to be very careful. Also there are bushes, trees, fences etc next to the towpath. There would be some spots where you might be able to use a fly but in my opinion you'd be far better with light spinning gear. One (possibly two) of the trout lakes in the resevoir is fly only.
  11. I wouldn't have thought it was that many times that a pike will strike and miss. Certainly not 20:1. Could it have been several predators? Perhaps small perch causing the small ones to jump and maybe a pike or two for the bigger ones? Also it's been discussed on here that sometimes pike may work in cooperation with each other to shepherd a shoal of fish into an area where the pike can pick them off more easily? Alternatively the fish may have just been jumping to have a look to see if the angler was still there before deciding to feed - I'm sure that they do that just to wind us all up
  12. Any idea on how he caught them? How he challenged them? And how he got the EA involved? TBH I don't know how I go about anything if I saw a couple of big blokes starting to set up the same thing. I guess that I'd call the police (as surrupticioulsy as possible).
  13. City of London Corp/Epping Forest have a leaflet about all the fishable lakes. There are some restrictions on bait and general fishing that I'm aware of (eg no livebaiting, no night fishing) but you'd need to have a look at the leaflet to be sure. Picked mine up at the High Beech visitors centre. For more specific info try asking other anglers there or even one of the local tackle shops.
  14. I am of the opinion that I would never eat something that I could not kill myself. I guess this is a sort of conflicting way to approach this arguement but it is something that I truly believe in. If I didn't think that I could slaughter a cow or a pig then there is no way that I could buy it in a supermarket. Perversely I have had friends who have sat down to eat and then when I've told them that the fish being served was caught by myself or my father would decline to do more than pick at it. If I'd not said that the fish had been caught or I'd said that it'd been bought from Sainsb
  15. Mainly down to time/money availability. Used to make some of my own floats when I was a kid but now that floats are comparitively cheaper and my time comparitively more scarce I find that it makes more sense for me to buy them. I make my own snap tackle though as I've had some less than satisfactory experiences with ready made pike rigs. My father made many of the rods that I currently use but I never learnt how to turn a set of blanks into a complete rod. Not sure that with tackle as cheap as it is that I would ever invest the time to, even if I had the skills.
  16. please dont get one of those stupid "Boys" rods that are in effect short spinning rods.Get a proper float rod.Yes if the kid isnt big enough to handle a full size 13' match rod then fine but these days there are plenty of good quality,reasonably priced 10 or 11' match/float/cannal rods available. Sorry Budgie, but I disagree. If the boy is only 6 years old then a 6ft 2pc rod or even an extendable rod will be far easier for him to handle. Fine, he might want to progress to a "proper" rod in a year or two's time but spending £20 (if that) on a little starter rod is not a false economy.
  17. What, either you didn't learn from the first occasion OR you needed an excuse for buying a new rod. Personally I rate you as too intellegent for it to be the first option. ;-)
  18. You may wish to rephrase this. I can almost picture the Crimewatch episode now. "Following the attempted sexual assault police are seeking a male with a green head and large bill."
  19. Makes me feel a bit better about the original weight that I guessed it at, when you said that I was weigh off (sorry couldn't resist the pun) had to guess massively over despite what my eyes were telling me. I'm glad that I'm not the only one to have left the bait at home too!
  20. Thanks for that video Bingo, shows a good position for any photo too. I will incorporate this into my fishing in future. I appreciate the time and wisdom that you have all put into your posts. Thank you all.
  21. Weils Disease is truly nasty. I know of one canoist who caught it, and a neighbours dog died from it. Even in what seems like a large stretch of water Weils disease does not get watered down, also as rats constantly urinate it can be caught from pretty much anything. Where I fish is crawling with rats (some of them are big buggers too!) so I try to be careful. Gloves do give me a bit more confidence when handling pike, I'll take on board your comments about those gloves and will get some different ones. Curious about the handling, I've always picked up Pike with one hand support
  22. Thanks for that Budgie. I've found that these gloves are sensitive enough and have not had a problem with them catching on the gill rakers. However I'm always trying to improve the experience both for me and for the fish so I will have a look for an alternative glove. As for the fish handling, as I said the picture was taken just as I'd picked the fish up from the unhooking mat so I can see why it looks like the fish is just being held by the head. I live in North London and fish the Lee. I'm always interested in going fishing with people who can offer me advice and help. I seem to
  23. Thanks for that Peter. I have tried marigolds before but found them awkward. These gloves fit me, well like a glove actually. They are not "Builders" gloves, although they do look very similar, and are fairly soft with narrow fingers (although as you can see the thumb is a bit oversize). Palm and inside of finger are soft leather. They work, I'm comfortable with them, I'm confident both in them and in my own unhooking abilities, I can't see the problem. I've never damaged a fish by using them. If there is a particular reason that leather gloves aren't suitable then please let me know an
  24. So did you not fish at all? Even if you couldn't have fished the stream you must have crossed the Lea to get there!
  25. Caught this pike a few weeks back. Unfortunately this isn't the best photo that could have been taken. Angle makes the fish look much smaller than it actually was (IMO).
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