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Removing name from rods.

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I had two carp rods made many years ago (maker now passed on) and they have my name on them in white.

The rods are in excellent condition and are no longer used.


I want to pass them on to a youngster, but first I want to remove my name, without damaging the rods.

I have no idea what material was used, but I suspect the same stuff was used for names on all rods, so there is a chance someone might know how to remove it .


All help appreciated.

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I've done the job with white ink before now, but there's no knowing what a pro might have used - it's a pound to a penny it's been varnished over anyway so you'd have to remove the varnish first and then set about removing the name and re-varnishing,


It might be worthwhile asking in your local tackle shop, (assuming they offer a rod-building service).

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If you dont want to spoil the varnish make a fancy bit of whipping over it and a keeper ring on the bottom

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I would tend towards leaving the name where it is. If you're making a gift of them, what's the harm in leaving the name of the person giving them as a reminder?

If you want to get rid of the names, covering them is probably a better option than trying to scrape them off and whipping would tend to be my method of choice for covering up but be wary of "varnish".

Modern rods aren't varnished, they are coated with a low viscosity two part epoxy that it made for the job. It takes several hours to cure and you really need a rod turner to get a decent finish. There are also a few tricks like using a flame to burst air bubbles that will help you get the best possible result.

Youtube and the various rod building forums are your friends.

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