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Wingham Fish-In 2016 Catch Reports & Thanks

Steve Burke

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Unfortunately I couldn't make it this year,( thanks for the call Steve )

well done to everyone who caught sounds like it was a real grueller .

Hopefully next year.

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Massive thanks to all those that put the effort into making the AN Fishin happen again this year. I can promise you that your hard work is hugely appreciated by all.


Wingham is by far and away my favourite lake so I was over the moon to hear that I had got a place again this year. The conditions weren't looking great for this weekend and temps struggled to get into double figures. A total contrast to last year where we had temps of 18 degrees.


I was on Long Island platform again this year which was a massive confidence boost for me as I'd done so well out of the same swim last year. I still had the info on my phone from the last session including the number of wraps etc to the hot spots I'd found. I did notice however that there was some old weed covering most of the spot so the castable weed rake was called into action to both clear the spot and to stir things up a little. Something I have found to get the tench mooching on my spots in the past.


Anyway I won't bore you too much with the fine details so I'll just paste in my notes on my captures for the weekend. You will notice that I had to keep changing things around to keep bites coming:



Wingham AN Fish-in 2016



8-10 degrees by day, 3-5 degrees by night. 1020mb dropping to 1005 on Monday. Wind blowing from North West with blue sky and showers.


Right & middle rod - 13 wraps towards right hand point of island(bites came at 12.5)

Left rod 9.3 wraps cast towards right hand edge of tallest group of trees.



12am- 6lb 7oz male caught on left rod. Method (expo/halibut/black crumb/molasses/CSL/crushed source & tutti boilies) with 2 tutti boilies on hair. Gardener camo hooklink stripped 10mm from hook with gardener small kicker on hook and small silicon tube on bend to turn the point. Size 10 gripz, 6in hooklink.


Fish lost at 2:10am. Reeled rig in to find tangled hooklink so a tench has done me in the weed I think. Source 10mm boilie tipped with corn on 6inch hooklink. Coated braid with 25mm peeled back by hook. Size 10 Gripz.



10am - 4lb 3oz - left rod - female caught on worm/red maggot. Running open ended feeder filled with worm compost and chopped worm.


7pm - lost fish on right hand rod fished on T-rig and small bag of casters.


8:30pm - 3lb male - middle rod moved to left spot - caught on maggot rig made of Wychwood hooklink with 10mm stripped back and mini swivel tied to hair and piece of zig foam pushed over swivel before tying 10 maggots to swivel.


9:20pm - 7lb 4oz female to left hand rod. Method feeder (expo/halibut/black crumb/molasses/CSL/crushed source & tutti boilies) with 2 tutti boilies on hair. Change of hooklink from previous night. Changed to 5inch sink link with silicone round bend of hook and Wychwood small kicker. Also put medium sinker half way down hooklink. Buried hook bait in outer skin of method mix.



6:30am left rod - 4lb 7oz female to left hand rod. Korum flat Method feeder (expo/halibut/black crumb/molasses/CSL/crushed source & tutti boilies) 1 X floating maze and 1 X sinking corn.


7:45am - 6lb 4oz female to left hand rod. Korum flat Method feeder (expo/halibut/black crumb/molasses/CSL/crushed source & tutti boilies)1 X floating maze and 1 X sinking corn.


Missed run at 4pm Monday which could have been a liner. Haven't had a bite all day so was a bit hasty with the strike. Method feeder cast to the point of the island with single piece of fake





Edited by Anthony78

Effort equals reward!!

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Well done to all those who fished in what was some of the coldest April weather we have experienced for some time.



After a certain age, if you don't wake up aching in every joint, you are probably dead.



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Sorry for the delay but when I first tried to post the site was down and then my computer decided it was going to misbehave. With Steve having told me that he was putting me in my favourite Wingham swim I was elated however, when I got there I found that I had put the wrong rods in the trailer so plan A quickly went to plan Z. Fortunately Richard Capper was in the next swim and kindly loaned me one of his rods. The plan was to fish over a bed of red maggots but no matter how many times I changed rigs it only resulted in single beeps on the alarms accompanied by sucked maggots. I have experienced this type of activity on previous occasions in the same swim and my personal belief is that the cause is Roach. Anyhow, with the weather being all over the place it was rather difficult but I always enjoy the fish ins and seeing old and new faces. As always thanks to Steve for letting me fish, Peggy for the much appreciated nourishment and everyone who has put in a huge effort to make the fish in possible. The Bailiffs do a tremendous job and it was good to see that the auction was a success. It was also great to catch up with some of the old specimen group members. Finally, well done to all those who caught.

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My apologies also for a delayed post. I have been working far too hard! This was my first trip to Wingham and it certainly lived up to my expectations. Whilst the conditions were tough, several anglers proved that the fish were there to be caught if you could locate them and had the skills to tempt them.


For a newcomer to Wingham, it's a steep learning curve but I absolutely loved the challenge. The Lake is a credit to Steve and the team that have put in many years of effort to creat a stunning natural environment for us to enjoy and also maybe catch a fish or two. My sincere thanks to all that made me welcome and helped to make the week end a real joy.


For the record I managed a 1lb 14oz perch on a float fished lobwork down the margin where Steve had told me they were known to frequent. With the water so clear I was amazed that I tempted one and was pleased to have had my screen with me which must have helped.


I tried my best to find some Tench or even that illusive monster bream but to no avail. Steve pointed me in the right direction for some prime feeding spots and I certainly found some great area's and was confident I had good baits in good places but the long bobbins stayed still all through the first night. The second night I decided to give the worm a go having stepped up the baiting but the inevitable happened and a 3lb eel ish duly obliged in the early hours.


Once again thank you to all that made me welcome.

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