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Drennan Acolyte Plus vs Tench float MkIV

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Have you tries a slider float close in



I have, but I'm finding it very difficult to find suitable floats - modern plastic eyed ones just don't "slide" freely :) I've also tried polaris/locslide floats - and they just seem to break after a dozen or so casts




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I also have a 13ft MKIV Drennan Tench Float rod which I use for trotting for Barbel and chub as well as for Tench; and it's rated for line and braid up to 7lb. The Drennan Acolyte Plus is designed fo

I have mentioned this issue with the line on a couple of other topics but have always had the reply that others do not experience this. The worst rod for this, that I have is the Grey's prodigy float.

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