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gmail - how to send an email?

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Excuse a basic question. I opened a gmail account years ago to enable me to access Google Earth, but have never used it for email. Now I gather my freeserve email is to be closed, so I'd like to switch to gmail, and have just accessed gmail to check it works. But when I log in I get an 'Account' page with all sorts of stuff about whether I want to change my password etc, but I can't find how to get to a page which will actually allow me to send or receive an email.


Are there any gmail users there who could help?

john clarke

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I've got Gmail on my phone - the icon to send an email once written looks like an arrow head (pointing right).

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Sounds like your having to go some sort of security setup. Read it carefuly is it not asking fir more details or to set something up before you proceed.


I access gmail from gmail.com it loads my inbox up but do sometimes get prompted.to accept some new policy or add a phone number.

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I have just started using it and its rudimentory but built into the software so theres no extra app.

Anyway like all of them you have a choice you can choose an start having a gmail email or just use it to look at existing email accounts.

If you use an existing non gmail account (your isp one) you just choose use existing account ,enter your email address and password and it should work fine

I presume the same would be for a gmail account ,use the existing account bit enter your email address and password and hopefully it will work


You 'may' have to sign into google ,android stuff is google heavy so to use the sync bit just sign into google and you should stay signed it.

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It is all part of Googles attempt to take over the internet.

If you want an email account that is easy and reliable, that will allow you to just transfer all of your current email contacts over and is, of course, free then try one called EM Client. I have been using it for busines and personal now for around 3 years and can honestly say it is the most reliable I have used.

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Ah, another basic question. I've found my inbox, and was able to reply to an email, but I can't find what to do to send an ordinary email that is not replying to anyone. Can anyone advise?


Sportsman, I think I'll give gmail a try as I already have an account, but of course will switch if I find them too annoying!

john clarke

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