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Realtek HD Audio Manager problems (Windows 10).

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I keep getting notifications that I have plugged or unplugged audio devices, even when one is not even connected. Have screenshots but it seems I cannot upload one.


I run Windows 10 64 bit and have a Gigabyte Motherboard.


If anyone has experienced this themselves and they have a fix I would appreciate the help.

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Its a known gigabyte board issue. I had the same thing when i had a gigabyte board.

Nothing i did would fix it, updated downgraded drivers, etc... i got sick of the issues with the gigabyte board and sent it back and got an asus board. No problems since then.

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Still having a problem? I just got notification of a Windows 10 update. I wasn't having problems but installed the update anyway.



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Got the very same issue last week with an asrock mobo ,a days fiddling got nowhere so i did a reinstall of windows which cured it.

Windows is now fully updated so i guess a bad update caused it ?


I tried all the windows fixes ,refresh etc so in the end did a complete reinstall from disk ,luckily i had done a complete back up of steam (games thing) or i would be downloading 200gb of games for the next two months!


The interesting thing was suddenly the sound came alive for ten minutes then went so i guessed it was a windows issue rather than a hardware problem

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