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How do you decide where to fish when the rivers are up?

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On 11/25/2019 at 1:31 PM, Dales said:

I would opt to play safe and go to the lake :)

All my fishing is confined to (commie) lakes these days sadly, I'd readily swap for a river in flood or not but for lack of my own transport.

Maybe I could cut down on tackle & start going back to the river on the bus?

I still have my late Dad's Wicker basket seat box, some decent centrepins (Ian would be happy to use if pushed) & trotting rods.


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Martin, I just take hooks, shot, disgorgers, scissors/snips, headlamp and a tub of maggots. Folding anding net goes on my back or in my hand with the bucket of bait and my rod and reel goes in the other hand.  I don't bother with a seat or anything like that. If your on public transport you could get a multi section travel float rod from Youngs or a shakey one.  The6 sell for little money on ebay.

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Got the Shakespeare 4 piece float rod and it's half way decent.

Aldi do a basic folding landing net from time to time but I bought a slightly bigger one with rubberised mesh for about £23 and it's my main net except when I'm deliberately targeting big fish.

Of course, fly and/or lure fishing are the ultimate in travelling light.

I do plenty of fishing trips by pushbike and most of them are further that the couple of kilometres between you and the Calder.

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