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Local Government Secrecy re Coronavirus

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My work mates wife who works in social care for a local council, told him, who then told me that a person tested positive for Corona virus.

He told me -  "You haven't heard this from Me!!"

I've an Auntie who lives in the block of flats concerned!!

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Telling the public a carrier lives localy at the moment would be like telling the parents outside a school a pedo lives opposite .

The government on one hand is protecting the individual at the cost of the many ,bit of a rock and hard place unfortunately

As to government secrecy yes and yes ,for their benefit and ours or rather what they think we need hiding from

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Unfortunately, the lack of information is probably going to have the opposite effect to that intended. Information is only being released at a county level and while we know that there are at least two cases in Worcestershire, we haven't been told which towns etc, so nobody knows whether they are sending their kids to school to sit next to the kids of someone who is infected and the fear grows.

When that fear finds a locus (as it did with the coaches in Ukraine), people are going to die.

It's stupidity beyond words!

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Judging when, where, and how much information to release to the public can be a 'double edged sword'. On one hand I would like to have as much genuine info as possible, to help us to make choices for our families. On the other, there are those that would react aggressively towards anyone who was even suspected of being infected. You just have to look at the reactions by some to anyone looking remotely Chinese. My son was in a large clothing store, last week, and told to his partner to watch peoples reactions to a Chinese couple who were shopping there. As the couple moved around the store, people were visibly parting, and backing away from them. There were even a few insults thrown their way. The same store announced a policy of cleaning all touch points in the changing rooms, between customers that used them. There were a few arguments, because people were asked to wait a couple of minutes while it was done. Same store, same group of people, but two different reactions. One scared of being infected, the other complaining because a procedure designed to reduce the chance of infection, caused a slight inconvenience to their 'shopping experience'. My Grandaughter was sent home from school on Friday, because there were too few children present in her year class. It appears that the mother of one child while travelling to the school on the bus the previous day, was heard describing symptoms similar to those of the virus, to someone on the phone. It was assumed that she was talking to 111, and asking for advice. This resulted in a lot of parents contacting the school to say that their child would not be attending on the Friday, and would not return until the school has been disinfected, and declared safe. I don't know yet how this will pan out over the weekend, and into next week.

 It's natural to care about, and want to protect our loved ones, but releasing information into the public, can cause panic, and fear in sections of it, with serious, and adverse consequences.

I don't believe that the Government are doing a bad job so far, and admire Johnson for his openness in admitting that there will be many more deaths of loved ones before this thing runs it's course. That's something that many politicians would have shied away from saying.


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