How to choose the right bag for your fishing bait

Looking for a quality bait bag to store all your fishing bait? With so many types available to choose from, it can be a difficult task trying to find the best option is to suit your needs, so we’ve produced this handy Anglers’ Net guide to bait bags, designed to offer some helpful hints and tips on choosing the perfect bait bag to match your style of fishing.

If there’s one thing vital it angling, it’s keeping your bait in good condition. Whether you’re session fishing for carp or deadbaiting for pike, or out at sea, it’s important that you can store your bait efficiently and effectively so that when you need it, it’s always going to be ‘good to go’ and stand the best chance possible of catching you a fish. As such, a bait bag is an essential piece of kit for the serious specimen angler who wants to maximise their chances of banking a biggie!

There are various types to choose from, smaller bags designed solely for carrying bait items, or those with a bit more room which can also take a bit of tackle too, ideal for say the roving angler who does not want to get bogged down with too much luggage.

Which should you go for? Well, it depends on your type of fishing really. For carp anglers who may want to store fresh boilies, pellets, groundbaits, hookbaits, glugs and dips, the bags with various little sectioned off compartments and external pockets will be better suited, as many are purpose designed to take tubs of hookbaits and dips, etc. If you are simply looking to store deadbaits, or a mass of one thing, say boilie, pellet or groundbait, then obviously the bigger the central compartment the better.

Whichever type you go for, make sure it’s properly insulated, by this we mean that it should have a heavy duty foil lined inner so that when cold bait is put in, it stays cold! Obviously, the temperature will warm in time, so the longer you want it to stay frozen or cool for, the better the level of insulation needs to be, and don’t forget to buy some freezer blocks, too, which will really prolong the effectiveness of the bag,

For those just wanting simple storage of a few different hookbaits but without all the hassle, you can also get what look like mini rig wallet type bait bags with see-through internal sleeves, which are great for quick and easy use and can be stored in a larger carryall.

So let’s take a look at some of the options…

If you like things nice and simple and need to carry quite a bit of bait without all the whistles and bells, then check out the Eva Wet Fish / Bait Bag from Mustad. This watertight bait bag features heavy-duty welded plastic seams and offers a robust storage solution for dead baits, wet baits and just about any other bulk bait. Transport is made easy with carry handles and a shoulder strap and there’s plenty of space with the main storage compartment measuring; 470mm (W) x 300mm (H) x 200mm (D). Available HERE priced at £19.99.

Mustad Bait Bag


For the carp or specimen angler who wants a good degree of versatility and lots of storage, the Korum Tackle and Bait Bag is well worth further investigation. The bag features a large insulated central compartment and additional external pockets for tackle and accessories. The two side pockets will easily accommodate reels and bite alarms, whilst the front compartment is ideal for storing all your end tackle and accessories – and the bag comes complete with three Korum bait tubs. With reinforced base, carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap, it’s got your bait bag and tackle needs all wrapped up in one! Available HERE priced at £39.99.

Korum Bait Bag


There are, of course, times when you want bait storage for just a few special hookbaits and so need something that can fit in a normal carryall. In such circumstances, there are handy little bait storage solutions available like the Micro Bait Bag from Zebco. This versatile little bait bag features ten see through plastic sleeves for quick bait identification, and the whole bag fastens up wallet style with Velcro fasteners. Measuring just 12cm x 16cm is perfect for storing inside your normal tackle box or carryall. Available HERE priced at £3.99

Zebco Micro Bait Bag

We hope this guide to bait bags has given you a few ideas and don’t forget you can search for even more bait bag using the Anglers Net Fishing Tackle & Bait FinderCLICK HERE.

Julian Grattidge
November 2010

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