Bait Buckets

Versatile, lightweight and durable; bait buckets are great for handling all your bait storage needs and are just the job for the roving angler who needs an all in one solution, but which should you choose? Check out this handy Anglers' Net guide for all the answers!

If you want to carry a lot of one type of bait, then a bait bucket, as opposed to a bait bag, might be a good solution. They can carry wet or dry baits so are perfect for carrying boilies, particles, pellets, mixers, and goodness knows what else!

As well as ragworms, lugworms, crabs, etc., some of the sea fishing bait buckets are even designed to carry live baits and come with their own little aeration pumps to keep the inhabitants stored inside nice and happy – ingenious!

For specimen angling, you can get various sizes of bait bucket; either those made from fabric which can be collapsed down nicely when empty to save space, and which often come with insulated liners making them great for storing frozen or chilled baits.

You can also get proper ridged plastic buckets which are mainly for carrying wet baits such as prepared particles like hemp, but which in their bigger and more robust sizes can often double up as a handy little seat for the roving or stalking angler.

For the general coarse angler simply wanting to carry groundbaits, there are many open top bucket bags with carry handles perfect for the job, allowing you to easily carry, prepare and use the groundbait during the session. For the specimen angler, there are similar styles but with zip lidded tops offering that bit more security to expensive contents like boilies.

These types of buckets are ideal for the stalking angler as many allow you to carry all the kit you will need for say a few hours roving along the river bank or surface fishing for carp on a still water, due to the fact that they will easily accommodate bait, a lead and bits bag, scales and a sling along with any other bits and pieces you need for a few hours fishing.

So, we’ve covered all the options, now lets have a look at what’s on offer. First up, the ingenious Shakespeare Salt Bait Bucket. This fantastic little bucket is a real must have for all sea anglers and features a neoprene grip, fold down handle, zipped carry case, and an external pocket for aerator pump. It has a four litre capacity and measures 28cm x 25cm. Just the job for live and dead baits – a real all in one solution. Priced at £17.99; full details HERE.

Shakespeare Salt Bait Bucket


Offering two variations on the same theme is the Chub Coolstyle Bait Bucket. Available in either a standard 2k capacity or larger 6 kilo capacity, the Chub Coolstyle is a handy and hardwearing collapsible bucket ideal for carrying all particles, pellets & groundbaits. With a full zip top, waterproof base and metallic liner, it’s perfect for all your fresh or frozen storage needs. Priced at £9.99 in standard and £12.99 in large; full details HERE.

Chub Coolstyle Bait Bucket


Looking for the king of bait buckets? Then take a look at the Nash Barrowlogic Bait Bucket. Designed to accommodate boilies, particles or method mixes, the Nash Barrowlogic Bait Bucket is perfect for those on long sessions, yet remains equally suited to the mobile or stalking angler. The bucket features a large main insulated bait compartment that can accommodate 15kg of bait, lift out tray for storage of pop-ups and dips, and has external pockets and catapult retaining Twin Touch Fastening, square, barrow logic design to integrate compactly on your barrow. Priced at £39.99; full details HERE.

Nash Barrowlogic Bait Bucket


We hope this bait bucket guide has proved useful, and don’t forget to check out all the other bait buckets available via the Anglers' Net Fishing Tackle & Bait Finder.

Julian Grattidge
November 2010

All prices and offers correct at time of publishing.