A guide to buying the right freshwater fishing seat box

Looking for a seat box? Baffled by all the options? Check out this Anglers’ Net guide to seat boxes, designed to offer up some helpful tips in order that you can find the perfect match.

Few angling advancements have come as far as the humble wicker fishing basket and today’s complete tackle storage, seating and in many cases, transportation systems have come an extremely long way. With so many different types of systems offering different kinds of functionality, it can take a bit of work to sort out the best type to go for.

The basic governing principles will be the amount of storage space you need, the amount of available space you have to transport it to and from the bank (i.e. how big is the boot on your car) and the quality of seating offered to ensure minimal fatigue during long matches or pleasure fishing sessions.

Looking first at internal storage space, most seat boxes have in internal compartment with additional drawers, and it’s usually a case of picking a seat box with the amount of drawers you need, however, there are a few points to consider which will allow you to eek extra storage out of boxes the same size. Some boxes have the adjustable legs mounted internally. This is great in terms of ease of use during transportation, but depending on the actual dimensions of the box, you may lose internal storage space as a result, so a same sized seat box with external legs will thus offer additional storage capabilities.

When looking at the overall size, you need to consider the functionality offered. Many seat boxes come with  footplates, side trays, telescopic legs and mud feet, which are all good and well when out on the bank, but if you’ve only got a Nissan Micra, you could spend half your available time assembling and disassembling the seat box before you even wet a line. As such, it’s about finding a balance between a seat box which suits your needs on the bank, and whilst getting to the bank. Assuming space is no problem, there are all kinds of all in one systems available from simple boxes with adjustable legs and mud feet, through to those coming ready supplied with footplate, trays, rollers and accessories – you can even go the whole hog and get a seat box system that’s already framed within a barrow so that you can wheel the whole thing all the way to your swim, jump on, and put in right away!

Whilst on the subject of functionality, it’s also worth checking out how easy it is to get at all the various compartments, sections and drawers whilst in use. Some seat boxes only offer access to drawers from the front so once set up with a foot plate, side trays, rod & pole supports, bait trays and whatever else, it can be a pain to keep having to dismount to get something out. By comparison, some systems allow access from the front or rear, which can be a real time (and effort!) saver.

Finally, comfort. Angling is supposed to be enjoyable. On many occasions, I’ve witnessed pole anglers seemingly fishing in discomfort for long periods – does it really have to be this way? Seat box design has come along way and some of the cushion materials offered nowadays are designed to help reduce fatigue during long sessions, so again, look for those where the lid and cushioning design does not look like an afterthought! If pole fishing is your mainstay, look for those with a proper pole seat, in order that the seat box can take some of the strain.

With all the above taken into consideration it’s a case of seeing what extras are included. There’s a plethora of trays, supports, bowls and arms to aid all manner of applications, so again, find a box which includes the various bits and pieces you are actually likely to get some use out of, or if you’re not sure, go for a more basic package, save yourself a few quid, and then buy add-ons only when you need them.

So, what’s out there for us to spend our money on? Firstly, an interesting little seat box for the roving pleasure angler is the TF Gear Compact Seatbox. Aimed at the angler who values easy transportation, exceptional comfort and storage capabilities, this compact seat box carries all you need for a successful days fishing. The Seatbox includes a TFG Lok-Box worth £40.00, and comes with fully adjustable legs. Transportation is made easy as the whole thing transforms into a rucksack! Ingenious design for those who like to travel light. Priced at £69.99, full details – CLICK HERE.

TF Gear Compact Seatbox


If transportation space is at a premium, then the Maver MX250 Seat Box is a good choice. A practical, multi-discipline seatbox offered at an extremely attractive price. The box has an internal leg system, padded pole seat & shoulder strap, deep storage compartment, internal leg system & swivel mudfeet. Access to the box can be gained from the back and the front. Very tidy and compact little unit for the space conscious. Priced at £69.99; full details – CLICK HERE.

Maver MX250 Seat Box


The Ron Thompson Carbonite System Fishing Seatbox is a good value for money option if you want all the extras at a reasonable price. The Seatbox comes fully loaded with extras including; pole winder tray, accessory bowl system, deep tray for extra storage, padded shoulder strap, folding footplate, magnetic 3 drawer system. All this for just £179.99; full details – CLICK HERE.

Ron Thompson Carbonite System Fishing Seatbox


For those who want it all – and why not – the Maver MX3500 Seat Box is just the ticket. It features a shallow cross drawer and winder tray beneath the padded pole seat, plus two further winder trays and two front drawers on the removable base unit. Independent height adjustment and a free flow, non-slip industrial strength cassette footplate utilises wheels, ensuring smooth usage every time. The ergonomically designed hand wheels allow simple adjustment. Transportation of today’s seatboxes is critical and by including a wheel system and barrow arms in the package price you have the perfect integrated solution at no additional cost. The box system comes with; padded pole seat & winder tray, 1 x shallow cross drawer & removable base unit, 2 x front drawers & 2 x additional winder trays, heavy duty free-flow footplate & 6 x telescopic legs, trolley system & padded shoulder strap, swivel mudfeet & 3 x spirit levels, access to the box from the back and the front.

At £375, it’s not the cheapest box, but with all these features, the Maver MX3500 still offers great value for money. Full details – CLICK HERE.

Maver MX3500 Seat Box


If you’d like to view more seat boxes available from all the top brands, or any other fishing tackle items for that matter, then simply visit the Anglers’ Net Tackle & Bait Finder.

Happy hauling!

Julian Grattidge
December, 2010

Prices correct at time of publication

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