As Anglers we have moved on from basic food on the bank and although you will still find the good old pot noodle it is now not uncommon to find full English breakfasts, steaks, risottos, three course meals and many more amazing dishes.
Let’s take you to the next level, freshly cooked pizza at your favourite fishing lake with this amazing deluxe outdoor pizza oven from Pizzacraft. This brilliant gas powered pizza oven takes 10 minutes to pre-heat and cooks perfect pizza in 5 minutes!!
This oven is not only good for fishing trips but it is also great for family nights, garden parties, camping trips and picnics. The great thing is it only weighs 13.925kg and will run on a propane tank as small as 1lb.
The pizza oven is very well built but you do have to be careful with the two 14″ baking stones which give you that genuine stone baked pizza taste. Although you can get by without it we do recommend you consider getting the Pizzacraft accessories pack with stone brush and peel (a peel is the large flat spatula that is used to insert and remove the pizza from the oven) as it makes the job of moving the pizza soooo much easier.
When it arrives the Pizzeria Pronto® comes unassembled but it is fairly straight forward to put it together just have a read of the instructions or watch this Assembly instructions video –>
Although the Pizzeria Pronto® reaches temperatures over 371°C it is safe to use on most surfaces so cooking on the bank shouldn’t be an issue. If there is long grass you could always add the pizza oven leg kit which raises the oven to around waist height if not slightly higher.
Anthony has been playing with his pizza oven for a while now and it cooks pizzas perfectly, it doesn’t matter if they are fresh, frozen or supermarket made they are all delicious.
Although Pizzacraft are an American company they have an Amazon store where you can purchase the full range of their products and that is available here –>
You may or may not think that this is expensive (personally we think it’s pretty good value) but we bet you that once you’ve tasted how this pizza oven cooks your pizzas with a traditional stone baked taste you will take it on all your fishing trips and use it at home too!!

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