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Signal crayfish an anglers enemy?

I will be writing about something that a lot of anglers absolutely hate, however it is a firm favourite of the home forager and that is... CRAYFISH!! Now from an anglers point of view, yes Crayfish are a problem when it comes to your bait and the way they can strip it down in a

Latest issue of Anglers Mail

ANGLER’S MAIL magazine this week brings you exclusives… and at just £1.99 for the print issue, you cannot afford to miss it! Revealed in the mag this week: ‘The depths fish really feed at.’ Dr Ian Welch explains all! Find out how the Environment Agency swooped on illegally stocked catfish Ace artist and specialist angler Chris Turnbull

Latest issue of Carp-Talk

***NEW CANAL CARP RECORD!*** Carp-Talk 1187 features an extra 16 pages for the same price! Download now at and in shops Tuesday. We’ve got some fantastic stories from across the UK, including a new Scottish record, a new canal record, a new sixty for Holme Fen, one of the biggest fish ever caught by a female, a

Ever wondered what it’s like to fish in France?

If you've ever wondered what it is like to fish in France, the boys from OnTheBankLive have done a fantastic youtube video of their trip to Le Queroy. They capture the atmosphere, the fun, the excitement and the big fish captures perfectly.  This video is well worth watching and has some superb moments in it.

Method Feeder Fishing

METHOD FEEDER FISHING By Anthony Wood People quite often assume that because I own Homemadeboilies that I only fish with boilies. However, I also make my own particle mixes, groundbaits, method mixes and many more things. In this article I'd like to take a closer look at method feeder fishing. The first thing you need