Anglers’ Net Facebook Page Tops 26,000

If you like keeping up-to-date with angling news, swapping fishing tips with other anglers, looking at great photographs and even sharing a few of your own, the the Anglers' Net page on Facebook is THE page to visit.

It wasn't long ago that we were amazed to hit hit the 10,000 mark. To have 26,000 say they 'Like' our page is a real compliment. If you're one of them, thank you. It makes all the hard work more than worthwhile! And a special 'thanks' to everyone who has shared the page with their friends and family.

For anyone who hasn't signed up yet, please take a look at us on the link below:

As the page grows, more and more companies are expressing an interest in what we're doing, so we hope to arrange some deals and competitions along the way. SIGN UP TODAY TO AVOID MISSING OUT – IT ONLY TAKES A CLICK!

Facebook can be great fun. Many anglers on there have made some real-life friends, enhanced their fishing skills and found new places to fish. If you're one of those who was holding back, give it a try – you may be pleasantly surprised.

Tight lines,


Anglers' Net on Facebook